Overlooked Investments Returning Up To 973%

Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany – January 20, 2018: Desk with the figure of a bull and a graph with stock market price

When I picked Altiris as one of my top stock picks of last year, my associates thought I was off my rocker. I recommended the stock at $6. Today, it trades at $17.50. A gain of 192%.

Next, I recommended BioLase Technology at $4.75. My publisher was skeptical about me recommending a tech company in a down market. BioLase eventually reached $16, making my readers 237%!

Then there was my big call on Lexar Media. This was a stock I recommended at $1.75. Today, Lexar trades at $11.27. Our profit here was 544%!

Here’s your proof that there are a lot more of these explosive stocks around:


Earlier today, I used my computer to generate a list of the 25 top performing stocks of the last 12 months. And guess what? All these stocks made triple-digit returns, ranging all the way up to 973%!

You see, my job is to follow and advise on a small group of little-known stocks with explosive profit potential.

Dell Computer sold in 1986 for the equivalent of $1.11. And Wal-Mart traded back in 1983 for sixty-eight cents a share! My goal is give you the Dells and Wal-Marts of tomorrow for mere pennies a share today!

And despite being in a bear market for the last three years, the small group of overlooked stocks that I have been recommending has quietly rewarded investors with high triple-digit returns.

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