Scientific system found stocks that went up 34 to 219 times

Scientific system found stocks that went up 34 to 219 times

 New scientific system finds most profitable stocks before they soar. It has even found stocks that went up an astonishing 34 to 219 times. I consider this system to be my true lifetime achievement.

 It would have spotted Microsoft on March 25, 1986. $10,000 invested then would be $3.1 million today.

 It would have found Dell on January 27, 1989. $10,000 invested then soared to $3.9 million today.

 Tired of disappointing performance? Our strict, mathematically proven approach eliminates all hunches, guesses, and speculation. You are invited to be amongst the very first investors to learn of this extraordinary, new stock market discovery.

 It has long been an investor’s dream to get in on a supernova like Microsoft or Dell and retire on the immense profits of a single stock. The obvious challenge has always been, “How do you spot one of them before they take off?”

 That’s been a burning question around here.

 I’m thrilled to say that we’ve successfully answered this challenge. After endless hours of research, testing various financial models, and determining the precise characteristics these stars possess — we’ve done it. And the extraordinary results prove it.

 You’re the first to be told of this historic breakthrough. No one else knows about it. And I ask you as a subscriber to “Lombardi’s Special Situations” to keep this information strictly private for our mutual benefit.

 In the accompanying link, I will describe how our system works, what it can do for you, and the five supernova stocks it is now picking up as enormous winners.

 Imagine capturing the huge earning power of the world’s most profitable stocks in a disciplined, scientific way, and doing it without taking senseless risks.

 Here’s a quick summary of what our new system can do:

 It would have found these fabulously profitable, super-star stocks way before they became household names. Even the smallest investment in them would have made you enough money to retire early. Let me be very specific.

 — Microsoft Corporation: $10,000 grows to $3.1 million. It came onto our “radar screen” on March 25, 1986, and it was an obvious buy for reasons I’ll explain in the accompanying link. $10,000 soared to an enormous gain of $3.1 million.

 — Dell Computers: $10,000 grows to $3.9 million. Sure, everyone knows Dell today — but our system picked it up on January 27, 1989. Sales were then $300 million. Today they’re $41 billion — and the stock went up 388 times since we found it.

 — Intel: $10,000 grows to $903,000. This stock was a ticket to wealth — if you knew about it. Our system would have spotted it on September 16, 1986. Since then, the stock went up an astonishing 90 times, turning $10,000 into $903,000.

 In a time of such uncertainty in the stock market, I am completely convinced that this scientifically designed system is the most spectacular wealth-creating system because it eliminates the guesswork and speculation that are often so risky.

 Above all, this system has identified the small number of common characteristics these remarkable stocks consistently and reliably possess. These are the crucial “early warning” signals that a stock has the potential to become an historic winner. And let me define “historic.”

 I’m not talking about doubling your money. Not even tripling it or quadrupling it. I’m referring to participating in a stock that has the tested and proven leadership characteristics that take it to heights few companies ever achieve.

 I’m talking about the very realistic opportunity of making 50, 100, or 150 times your money.

 Early investors in companies like Cisco Systems did exactly this. Those who found Cisco made 218 times their money. The wealth-building power of such astronomical returns is eye- popping. Just $10,000, at this rate, grows to $2.1 million.