Sell… And Get Rich!

Today’s down market is not going up anytime soon. Large-cap stocks are already down 7.1% since January 2004 and they are headed even lower.

Yesterday’s high-flyers are on the verge of plunging to new lows. Debt is at an all-time high. The dollar is weak. Oil and terrorism are holding our economy hostage. And 99% of all investors are worried. But…

For the most savvy investors, all this is good news!


Crown Media hit a pothole and my readers took the smooth road to a 91% profit.

Texas Instruments recently plunged and my readers made fast 45% profit on the fall.

JetBlue Airways was flying high, then news of rising oil prices sent the stock back to the runway and my readers took home an 88% profit.

All three are good companies that had fallen victim to bad economic times. And those three, like most of the stocks on the market, are now even more vulnerable to a free-fall in the price of their shares.

But please — do not look for bargains in today’s stock market.

Investors were way too optimistic about growth in 2003. Now, almost every stock is way too overvalued.

For a select few investors (I’m including you), this is great news! Because, as you’ll see, you can make more money selling stocks in today’s market than you can buying them!

And I’m going to show you how to make scads of money in today’s soft and over-priced market by selling stocks you don’t even own. It’s an investment strategy that is perfectly legal, and one that the savviest investors (the top 1%) are using right now to make fortunes.