Sick of Insiders Getting Rich at Your Expense?

Here’s how you can grab your share of their greedy gains and turn $1,000 into $100,000 over the next 18-24 months.

Dear Profit Confidential Reader,

Wall Street insiders are getting filthy rich again, and they’re manipulating a little-known SEC disclosure rule to do it.

After all, with ImClone’s Sam Waskel spending the next seven years in jail for illegal insider trading, corporate insiders have gotten the message loud and clear that illegal trading on non- public information will not be tolerated.

As a result, insiders have sent their attorneys digging through SEC rules to gain every legal loophole they can find in order to fill their greedy pockets.

That’s why I’ve rushed you this special report: To show you how you can use this knowledge to make 100%, 200%, even 500% profits on virtually every stock you buy.

What exactly is the “Two-Day Headstart” rule?

It’s a landmark SEC ruling that requires corporate insiders to disclose their stock purchases and sales within two business days. No longer do insiders have 40 full days to dump their shares on the market before we know about it…

.. or buy millions of shares at bargain basement prices while the rest of us scratch our heads watching trading volume bounce up and down as if it was attached to a giant bungee cord.

In other words, this disclosure rule evens the playing field for individual investors like you and me so that we can enjoy the kind of 100%, 200%, even 500% gains Wall Street insiders regularly enjoy.

Tragically, most investors are totally unaware of this new rule, blindly investing based on analyst expectations, broker tips, and technical indicators that don’t factor in the major buy and sell movements of Wall Street insiders.

And that’s never been more important to investors than now. Here’s why:

The massive insider trading scandals that placed Sam Waskel in the slammer and snared Martha Stewart have given way to new SEC rulings that are supposed to be protecting investors like you and me.

But corporate insiders continue to post obscene gains while average investors break even.

As a result, investors who fail to understand the ramifications of insider trades could lose money on the very same stock insiders are making 1,000% gains on… while those who are wise to their game will profit with them.

For these reasons…

Now, the only time it makes sense to buy a stock is when the insiders are loading up. And the only time it makes sense to sell is when they’re getting out.

Mark my words-once you put the “two-day rule” to work for you, as I’ll show you, you’ll begin to grab your share of the insiders’ take.

In fact, have you ever known a Wall Street insider that didn’t get rich buying and selling his company’s stock?

Right now, I’ve identified 5 explosive stocks I believe insiders are targeting for massive gains… And you can get in now, profiting on their coattails.