Solar Energy Increasingly Profitable

I just have to talk about one of my favorite companies that is mentioned often in this column. The company is now experiencing major success in its business (mostly in Europe) and has truly become a major wealth creator for investors.

Evergreen Solar Inc. (NASDAQ/ESLR) is a company that I admire tremendously, and the stock fits in to the alternative energy investment theme that’s so popular right now.

The company, which is transitioning from a development stage operation to one that’s generating significant revenue growth, just announced a $100 million sale agreement to supply S.A.G. Solarstrom AG in Freiburg, Germany with photovoltaic modules over the next four years.

Germany is one of the leading countries adopting the use of solar energy, not only for personal home use, but largely for industrial applications. S.A.G. Solarstrom builds and operates solar power stations, and sells the generated energy to corporations and utility companies. Evergreen Solar will manufacture its photovoltaic modules at its plants in Massachusetts and in Thalheim, Germany.

In my 10 years of experience surveying the equity markets for attractive investment opportunities, I’ve determined that really great investment opportunities are quite rare. When you find a truly innovative, wealth-creating company that’s at an early stage of development, it often pays to jump in and hold a position for several years.

Evergreen Solar is one of those rare companies (and stock market opportunities) that is properly positioned to garner major business success from a new trend in the global economy.

The high price of oil isn’t going away. Hybrid vehicles are only getting more popular. Recycling is becoming more and more pronounced. Pollution standards are becoming increasingly strict. The trend toward sustainable, more environmentally friendly daily living is unstoppable.

In the solar energy field right now, Evergreen Solar is only at the beginning of its success.