Special Situation Stock Creates Wealth for Holders

About a month ago, I wrote about DeVry, Inc. (NYSE/DV) as a stock that might outperform in a weakening economy. This company has a long-term track record of success, growing its education business and creating a lot of wealth for stockholders.

It’s likely you’ve already heard about this company, because it does a lot of advertising. The company runs DeVry University, Advanced Academics, Ross University, Chamberlain College of Nursing and Becker Professional Review.

I like the education business because, for students, it’s an investment in one’s own future, regardless of the cost.

Recently, DeVry reported fiscal third quarter results (ended March 31, 2008) that beat Wall Street expectations. This is no small accomplishment considering that the vast majority of other businesses are slowing.

The company reported that revenues in its latest quarter grew about 18% to two hundred and ninety-one million dollars. Net income was impressive at just over thirty-eight million dollars, up some 67% over the comparable fiscal third quarter in 2007.

According to DeVry, it achieved its 10th consecutive period of growth in undergraduate new students and its seventh consecutive period of positive total student enrolment. Total student enrolment increased just over 10% to 44,814 students, up solidly from 40,637 students in the spring of 2007.

This stock has been doing well over the last several weeks and I think it’s going to keep on doing well. It’s fair to say that the stock is fully valued at its current price, but this is not surprising given the company’s performance.

A company like DeVry is kind of a special situation investment prospect. There just aren’t that many education businesses out there that are successful and trade on a stock exchange.