High Praise for Company

Recently, I told you about a new listing that I find very intriguing. The company I’m referring to is Omniture Inc. (NADSAQ/OMTR).

This company is in the business of providing on-demand software that helps customers collect, analyze, and report on all kinds of business information.

The company’s software, which it hosts and delivers to its customers on-demand in real-time, enables customers to capture and analyze all the information generated by their websites and other sources. Make no mistake, when you visit a company’s web site, there is software working in the background that’s collecting all your available information. A company wants to know as much as it can about any potential customer or anyone visiting its web site.

The more I look into this company, the more I like it. In its latest quarter, the company grew its revenues 98% to $18.8 million, and improved its net loss significantly.

Just because the company is incurring net losses right now, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good investment. The company plans to be profitable soon.

Recently, Omniture announced Encyclopaedia Britannica picked the company to enhance its online marketing initiatives. Encyclopaedia Britannica wants to know exactly what its customers want so it can deliver more relevant content on its web sites. By using Omniture’s “SiteCatalyst” product, Encyclopaedia Britannica wants to better align its large databases with users’ preferences.

Apparently, many of Omniture’s competitors only offer products that focus on retail and e-commerce transactions. Encyclopaedia Britannica wanted a software product that could help it with its electronic publishing needs. This includes handling subscriptions, renewals, and other transactions. Encyclopaedia Britannica noted that only Omniture had the software flexibility that it desired among the competition.

Frankly, I think that’s high praise to have such a distinguished firm like Encyclopaedia Britannica chose and praise your product.

The more I keep looking at this little company called Omniture, the more I like it.