In about 60 days, this company could announce it has a cure for

In about 60 days, this company could announce it has a cure for multiple sclerosis, better known as MS. The big pharmaceutical companies may pay $80 for the stock, even $90. Here’s where you can buy it today for $2.85!

 I couldn’t believe my ears…

 Sitting at a bar with Rob, a former securities lawyer, I learned about how he had just made a huge investment in a company working on a cure for MS.

 While multiple sclerosis doesn’t get the press that other diseases do, it still affects a large portion of North Americans. One of my friends is afflicted with MS. Suffice it to say, I was more than a little interested.

 “A cure for MS would be the biggest medical discovery since the polio vaccine!” he explained. And he was right. It would be a huge medical development. I had to know more…

 Rob proceeded to tell me that the company was recently approved to commence the third phase of its clinical tests. After that, the pharmaceutical companies could be beating down the doors!

 “This stock could be worth $80 to $90 a share,” continued Rob. “That’s amazing, considering it’s trading at only $2.85 today.”

 Convinced, I got the name of the company and did my own research. Rob was right. This company was a profit time-bomb about to go off.


 According to its filings, this biotech company had all the right things going for it:

 — The first two phases of the clinical trial were complete and the results were there in black and white.

 — The company had enlisted a top neurologist and expert in MS research as the lead investigator for the third phase of clinical trials.

 — The company had already received European and Canadian clearance to commence the third phase.

 In my opinion, this discovery is probably the greatest medical innovation humankind has seen in 50 years.

 How great?

 Imagine if you would have invested in the polio vaccine before the final phase of clinical testing was complete. Chances are you’d have made a fortune.

 And yet, this MS biotech is just sitting there, about to get to the point where Pfizer, Squibb, Bayer… chances are every pharmaceutical company… could be bidding on this amazing breakthrough.

 And where will you be when this stock starts to rise in price? If you listen to my advice based on solid investigation, then you could be enjoying the benefits your portfolio could reap, posting incredible profits.