Red-hot companies about to go public

Enjoy the Biggest Payday(s) of Your Life From…

Red-Hot Companies About to Go Public!

Big-money IPOs are coming back! And smart investors are already prepping for certain profits ahead!

Let’s face it… in recent years, the stock market has been all but dead! However…

That does not mean flexible individual investors like you have not found profitable niches where you can still make a killing in the market!

Because certain trading niches and strategies will always bear fruit — you just have to know about them.

And, one of today’s hottest “new” markets where you could make a stock market killing is IPOs.

Yes, IPOs are lurching back to life!

For the past few years, this giant has been sleeping while companies changed tactics and switched to trendy reverse takeovers instead of IPOs. But many companies are now going back to good old IPOs!

Of course, the most recent IPO to cause a media frenzy was Google. Sure, it more than quadrupled in price and made some investors rich, but it started out priced at $85 a share! That made it an undesirable investment for most average individual investors.

As an investor, you already know that successful investing has a lot to do with making wise decisions regarding trends, the occasional fad, and ever changing markets.

Smart investors are flexible enough to notice when certain trading arenas are picking up steam and when they are fading away, knowing they will be back eventually to be profitable from an investment perspective again.

I suspect you are one of those smart investors, who is prone to act on the leading edge of an up-and-coming trend. If so, here’s the good news you’ve been waiting for…

Our analysts, peering out on the horizon, are now seeing big- profit IPOs lining up to come ashore!

In the recent past, the IPO profit pickings have been slim. But that is changing!

Now, keep in mind, the IPO profit market has never been completely dead. Just last year alone, you stood to make some very nice profits on IPOs, including the following:

FoxHollow went from $14 to $45.26 — 223.29% profit! came out at $27 and went to $67.20 — up 148.89%!

CoTherix issued at $6 and ended up at $13.30 — up 121.67%!

FreightCar America went from $19 to $40.78 — 114.63% profit!

All of these were money-doubling profits or more!

And the fact that you have probably never heard of most of these stocks is excellent!

Because, unlike the media frenzy that surrounded Google and drove its price up, few people are even hearing about these gems! And, the even better news…

Our experts are seeing a wave of similar profits, plus many more that could make these returns look weak! And they will all be reported in our new IPO Profit Center newsletter!

Google made a lot of people rich. But believe me, there could be even better deals and bigger profits for IPO hunters who are in the game.