There Are Still Good Stock Stories on the Street

Things aren’t all bleak in the world of equities. One of my favorite companies, Huron Consulting (NASDAQ/HURN) just broke through the $50 per share level. Just one year ago, this stock was trading around $25 per share. That’s a great return from a mid-cap company operating in a boring business.

Another company I like to write about frequently is Luxottica Group (NYSE/LUX). This company is the world’s most formidable eyeglasses manufacturer and distributor. If you wear eyeglasses, chances are this company made them.

Recently, Luxottica preannounced that its fourth quarter 2006 sales grew 6.8%. The company reports its numbers in euros. In 2007, Luxottica plans to remodel approximately 480 existing retail stores and open another 500 new stores.

There’s no question about it, the fundamentals for the eye care business are really solid over the next decade.

Finally, I have to mention another stock that I’ve written about extensively. LJ International (NASDAQ/JADE) just broke through the $6 per share level. This stock has also doubled over the last year, and it is still reasonably priced.

LJ International is a jewelry company. Most of the reason why the stock’s been doing great lately is because of the company’s business operations in China. The company’s retail outlet in China is called “ENZO,” and business there is booming.

This company is deserving of its success because it is expanding its business in a diligent and profitable manner. It doesn’t want to be a one-time high-flyer. By expanding its business competently, LJ is solidifying its success for many years to come.

Of course, it also helps that its main target market is experiencing significant growth. This is why just about any company has to have a China business strategy. If not, they will get left out of the world’s most formidable developing economy.