Will Continue to Hear About China Stocks

There are two companies out there that I really like. Both have been mentioned in this column before and both are doing very well financially.

As evidence of the significant improvement in the telecommunications business, one small-cap company that I’ve liked for some time now is TTI Team Telecom Intl. Ltd. (NASDAQ/TTIL).

This company sells operations support software to telecommunications companies, trying to help them launch new services over existing communications networks.

The stock’s been very successful over the past year and the company reports its second quarter financial results in the near future. I look forward to reviewing those numbers as soon as they come out.

Another company that intrigues me is LJ International Inc. (NASDAQ/JADE). This jewelry outfit is intent of becoming a success in the burgeoning Chinese marketplace.

Recently, this company was added to the Ludlow China Small- Cap Index, which is an index of Chinese stocks that are traded on U.S. financial markets. American investment firm Ludlow Capital Inc. maintains the index and I think that this small-cap benchmark makes for an outstanding resource if you are on the hunt for exciting Chinese-related investments.

Right now, the investment community is very interested in Chinese companies that are listed on U.S. exchanges. Not surprisingly, this is why so many Chinese companies have done IPOs on our stock exchanges. Their listings become legitimate because they have to maintain our minimum regulatory standards, and we get to invest in pure play China stocks in U.S. dollars in our own domestic market.

This is why you will be hearing about a lot more China stocks over the coming years. This is a good thing of course. The fact of the matter is that China’s growth is worthy of our speculation and given the country’s huge population and its hard working people, they deserve all the success in the world.