Is Stock Market Open Today, on Presidential Inauguration Day?

president inaugration stock marketIs the Stock Market Open on Presidential Inauguration Day?

A new day, a new president. As always, inauguration day for the next United States president will be a momentous occasion, not only for the country itself, but for the world. And, of course, by extension, the stock markets.

The Donald Trump inauguration date, perhaps for more than any other new president in the history of the union, will have a profound affect on the way our world is shaped for many years to come.

After all, Trump has already demonstrated the damage he can sow amongst the stocks that he sets his sights on with a few swift tweets. But, setting aside all those more complex considerations that the U.S. will have to grapple with for the next four years, let’s focus on a more fundamental—and infinitely more simple—issue: is the stock market open on presidential inauguration day?

NYSE and NASDAQ Open Today? 

So, is stock market open today? Not to be confused with President’s Day, inauguration day is not, in fact, a national holiday, and therefore the markets will be open.


You’ll have no trouble satisfying your trading urges, whether on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or NASDAQ, as the markets will operate business as usual.

In order to prep for the incoming administration of Donald Trump (beyond, of course, knowing the simple things like “is stock market open today?” and “are the NYSE and NASDAQ open today?”), investors should keep a close eye on the tone of the speech and how the content will impact the market.

Much like when Trump first accepted the nomination, traders may be concerned over some of his more bombastic statements (like his views on China and trade, for example) and what the ramifications will be for the markets if he chooses to rehash some of these talking points. Keeping abreast of the day’s proceedings while keeping a close eye on the market’s reaction will be crucial for the savvy investor on Jan. 20.

With the Donald Trump inauguration date fast approaching, while you’re not too busy glued to the television watching history be made, you can hit the markets and make those valuable trades that will keep you ahead of the pack.