Stocks that double in only two days

In February of this year, we recommended a small, relatively unknown stock called Netfran Development Corp. Within only two days, this stock gained 110.5%!

The stock doubled in only two days!

Why did we pick Netfran? Because this particular stock, like many more we recommend, is what we define as a “Payload Stock.” These are stocks that are often hidden from you, stocks that your broker might hope you never find out about… and yes, stocks that could double in only two days!

When a gambler in Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other casino hits the jackpot with a big paying slot machine, he’s hit the payload.

Just like a jackpot, payload stocks are poised to explode out of Wall Street’s starting gate and deliver a never ending rush of profits.

In the short run, when it comes to payload stocks versus the rest of the stock market, there’s simply no contest. If you knew which slot machines had just been tanked up with cash, you would make screaming profits faster than you ever dreamed possible. But you’d have to get to that machine fast. It’s all about those sudden bursts of money.

The “Payload Stocks Report” employs an entirely new concept for identifying stocks that are about to explode with profits. It’s so new that, as of this writing, we can point to a track record of only one and a half years. But that doesn’t mean the concept is not thoroughly tested! In fact, before we officially launched our stock advisory, we carefully tracked hundreds of actual case histories that led to the realization that we had hit something revolutionary.

Just look at some of our 2005 winners and you’ll see what I’m talking about:

Profit of 87.5% on WFMC in 2 days! Profit of 45.83% on DFCTF in 2 days! Profit of 45.31% on ICOA in 2 days! Profit of 47.06% on WPRO in 2 days! Profit of 76.78% on BSIC in 10 days! Profit of 47.19% on GPKI in 2 days!

When you follow the link the below, you get our complete track record for 2005. And here’s what you’ll discover about our record:

Of the 31 payload stock recommendations we’ve made so far in 2005, our average gain per stock pick has been 26.1% and our average hold period has been only 18 days! That works out to an annualized gain of 521%!