The $6 Stock Selling at a Dollar and Others

I know of a $1 stock that I’m very confident will be a $6 stock within the next 12 months.

My other top pick is a breakthrough stock already up 220%– and I expect it to rise 525% from its current price! This exciting stock, currently selling for $1.60, is already up from fifty cents a year ago. But the best gains are yet to come!

This stock could easily be worth $10 a share as demand for its core product rises.

Another $2 stock I follow is literally on a tear!

Back in 1999, this company only reported sales of $11 million. In 2002, sales jumped to $39 million. Sales and profits just keep humming along. The company reported in mid-2003 that its assets had exploded to $146 million– $41 million of that is cash in the bank!

This $2.00 stock could soon be a $10 stock… maybe even a $15 stock!

You know as well as I do that the right stocks can turn even a small investment into a fortune for you.

As Michael Lombardi has often noted, big, high-priced stocks are not how people are getting rich in the stock market today!

Investors are finding out the hard way that unless they bought shares of Microsoft, Coca-Cola or IBM decades ago, these “big” stocks will not make a small investor very much money now.

Everything has changed. Instead, fortunes are being made in tomorrow’s Microsofts, Coca-Colas and IBMs that are still undiscovered by the big mutual fund buyers and are still priced around $1 a share!