The Only Stock You Need to Own for the Next 10 Years. In Fact, It’s the Only Stock That Can Guarantee You a Financially Secure Retirement!

Citigroup bought the stock… lots of it.

The smart money over at Barclays bought it too, big-time.

Institutions (the ones I like to call the “real smart money”) like this stock so much, they own 69.9% of its outstanding float-all bought for investment purposes. And you know the institutions, they always make money.

Who wouldn’t love this stock?

Its market price has gone up an average of 66% per year over the past three years.

Imagine your retirement savings growing at that rate… you’d be sitting back and watching your nest-egg grow by 66% per year! And I say nest-egg because this is a safe, conservative stock that trades on the NYSE and TSX.

Revenue? The company’s sales have been doubling every three years. Last year, the company had a net, after-tax profit of $475 million on $3.2 billion in sales. Yes, that’s 15% of each dollar in sales going to the bottom line… like a continuous stream of flowing money.

Imagine sitting with a stock that’s doubling its sales every three years… is it any wonder the institutional investors have become such big owners of this stock?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your money is invested in the same stock smart money managers over at Citigroup and Barclays invest in, just to name a couple of the smart players in this stock?

This company is growing internally and by acquisition. Sitting with $1.3 billion cash in the bank, the company is in an enviable position to continue expanding. With a staggering market cap of $17 billion, it has already become the number one company in its industry.

But the real money will be made as this company continues to conquer its industry. It’s the Microsoft of only a few years ago. Yes, Microsoft had a market cap of $17 billion too… when it became its industry’s biggest player. Today, Microsoft has a market cap of $310 billion.

So the “Only Stock You Need to Own for The Next 10 Years,” the only stock that can guarantee you a financially secure retirement… the one I’m contacting you about today… is now on its path from a market cap of $17 billion to $310 billion. Imagine, for a moment, sitting back watching your money grow as this company grows.

While not a well-known company with small, retail investors, this stock just made Bear Stearns’ list of top companies in its sector.

I sincerely think this stock will end up becoming the mammoth of its industry. Just like Wal-Mart dominates retail and Microsoft dominates software. But the beauty of the “Only Stock You Need to Own for the Next 10 Years” is that it’s in an industry with a much brighter future than retail and software.

The two of us, with Michael Lombardi’s help, just put the finishing touches on our special report, “Only Stock You Need to Own for the Next 10 Years.” The report is only 24 pages long, and it includes our research analysis on the company, why we think it is a best buy today, names of all the major institutional investors, company financials, and more. Most importantly, we tell you why we love the company’s industry!

Now comes the difficult part: Pricing this report. We have invested over one hundred hours in this report. That’s aside from the time we spent following this company and its growth over the past couple of years. How much is 100 hours of research by analysts with Master’s degrees worth? Probably thousands.

But we can keep our prices low because we’ll sell hundreds of copies of this report once we start marketing it. Hence, we’ve set a retail price for the report of $195-and that’s the price at which we’ll market the special report.

For you, however, as a valued Lombardi customer, we’ll knock $100 off the cost of this groundbreaking special report! You can get your own personal copy of the “Only Stock You Need to Own for the Next 10 Years” at special Lombardi customer rate of only $95. You will see this currently “confidential” research report before we start marketing it to general retail investors.