The Payload Stocks

Wall Street hasn’t caught on yet, but every single one of these stocks displayed a secret indicator that signaled explosive profits lay just ahead:

* An unknown company by the name of Medical Staffing Solutions saw an immediate 45% bump in its stock price just 15 days after taking this critical step…

* The stock of little-known Weight Loss Forever exploded by 61% just 7 days after doing the same thing…

* Just 21 days after the global freight company, Pacific CMA announced a similar contract, its stock leapt ahead by 95%…

* Within 6 weeks of Spectrum Sciences and Software Inc. announcing it had done it, its stock was up 48%…

* 2 weeks after Galaxy Energy announced it had taken this defining step, its stock was up 45%…

* And within 3 weeks of Teleplus Enterprises going public with the news it was doing it, its stock was up 85%!

What’s the secret common denominator that, in short explosive bursts, propelled the stocks of all these companies, and dozens more, ahead at annualized rates of return of 1,095% and more?

All of them were what we call “Payload Stocks.” And no, we’re not saying you should ride them for a year and expect gains of 5,657% or even 1,551%. These are stocks about to enjoy an explosive gain over a very short time. These are get- in-and-get-out stocks that we typically hold for 30 days or less. But, ride a couple of these winners each month and you could accumulate annualized gains of 1,000% and more!

When a gambler in Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other casino hits the jackpot with a big paying slot machine, he’s hit the payload.

Just like a jackpot, payload stocks are stocks poised to explode out of Wall Street’s starting gate and deliver a never ending machine of profits.

For the short run, when it comes to payload stocks versus the rest of the stock market, there’s simply no contest. Know which slot machines have just been tanked up with cash and you’re going to make screaming profits faster than you ever dreamed possible.

But you’ve got to get to that machine fast. It’s all about those sudden bursts of money flowing out. You’ll learn, as you read on, how to know which stocks are about to deliver their payload.

The Payload Stocks Report employs an entirely new concept for identifying stocks that are about to explode with profits. It’s so new that, as of this writing, we can point to a track record of only a few months. But that doesn’t mean the concept is not thoroughly tested.

In fact, before we officially launched our stock advisory, we carefully tracked hundreds of actual case histories that led us to the realization that we had something truly revolutionary. Before I direct you to our complete, unedited and phenomenal track record, let me tell you this:

— The average gain for each recommendation has been 40.55%. — We’ve held each position for an average of only 22.33 days. — That works out to annualized gain of 662%!