The shocking confession of a most successful stock picker

Investors following his guidance for the last 22 years have amassed great wealth. But their market-beating mentor never offered them his own opinion. And he still doesn’t!

See why he says, “My opinion is worthless. But what I tell investors makes them rich!”

Let me confess to you right upfront: When I issue buy and sell alerts to my subscribers, my opinion has nothing to do with the money-making advice I dispense.

In all honesty, my personal opinion is worthless. And yet, thousands of investors have been paying me to guide them to wealth over the past 22 years. No one is complaining. After all, who complains when they are making money?

I have opinions, mind you. It’s just that I don’t let them get in the way of picking winning stocks. Instead, I echo the voice of a power much greater than me-a power that far exceeds the mental capacity of even the highest-paid investment advisor in the world.

My opinions always take a backseat to hardcore, factual, unbiased, emotion-free science.

Cold-hearted? You bet! And I’m not about to change my ways. Why should I? My heartless, science-based approach continues to work with amazing consistency, which is why I figure you should know about it. It worked years ago. I worked last year. It worked last month. And it will continue to work many months and years from now.

What Market Indicators Don’t Tell You:

Sales growth, earnings-to-profit ratios, price-to-earnings ratios… all these indicators and many more are constantly cited by other advisors. And all of those market indicators are the same indicators you can get for free, if you do a little research on your own.

But every market indicator you can lay your hands on is missing the point. There’s a hidden indicator revealing the true story of every stock, and I am not the only investment advisor who has uncovered it. This hidden indicator accurately predicts where the market-and specific stocks-are headed. It’s called the M-Meter. And using this indicator is the secret behind my success.

In just the last 12 months, the M-Meter has guided us to:

— 82.07% gains with Ameritrade — 161.49% gains with the India Fund — 66.33 gains with Placer Dome — 51.40% gains with Plantronics — 192.63% gains with Reliant Energy

And never once did I rely on a hunch or a “feeling” about these stocks. Each pick was made without an ounce of emotion, though I must confess that I was delighted with the profits, like my subscribers usually are.