Top 10 Best 3D Printing Stocks for 2015

3D Printing StocksFor 2015, our list of the best 3D printing stocks to watch focuses on the primary competitors in this booming high-tech industry.

The 3D printing industry is progressing at a rapid pace—from the design of simple plastic models, to parts on commercial airliners, and even the printing of prosthetic limbs and replication of organs. The best 3D printing stocks provide viable alternatives to established manufacturing processes.

The majority of 3D printing stocks are hardware manufacturers; some focus on the software that enables design and printing, while others focus on the provision of bespoke 3D printing services.

Many 3D printing stocks experienced remarkable gains in 2013, only to give up most of their previous advance in 2014 and 2015. Almost all of the best 3D printing stocks on our list trade at 52-week lows.


Negative sentiment prevails despite the truly transformative nature of 3D printing technology. Investors should keep these 3D printing stocks on their radar for 2015 and beyond.

1. 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE/DDD)

Stock Price: $22.80

Market cap: $2.53 billion

Revenue: $653.6 million

Description: As the name suggests, 3D Systems Corporation sells various three-dimensional printers, manufactures on-demand metal and plastic parts, and markets software and scanners that enable 3D printing. It remains one of the most diversified players in the industry.

2. Camtek Ltd. (NASDAQ/CAMT)

Stock Price: $3.00

Market cap: $90.0 million

Revenue: $88.3 million

Description: Camtek Ltd. manufactures automatic optical inspection systems used to better the production process and yield in the printed circuit board industry, the high-density interconnect substrate industry, and the semiconductor manufacturing and packaging industry.