Triple Your Stock Market Profits

When you run “The World’s Smallest Investment Letter,” every stock pick has to perform like crazy… every decision has to pay off big-time… every reader like you has to make substantial profits week after week… or I’m done.

That’s why I’m slaughtering the DOW by 477.38%… creaming the S&P 500 by 448.02%… and crushing the NASDAQ by 169.44%. And I’m not done yet.

I’m going to embarrass the big boys again this month… and next month… and the month after that, too. And so could you!

Dear Friend,

And a friend you are, if you:

— Invest to make serious money

— Love seeing your stocks soar soon after you buy them

— Get a thrill watching your portfolio relentlessly rise up, up, and up

— Delight in discovering hot stocks few analysts cover

You see, I believe the stock market can still make you rich. And I’m talking about today’s market! Right now, for instance, I’m holding about a dozen stocks that are going through the roof. For example…

— In August 2004, I paid $1.24 for Altair Nanotechnologies. By the middle of March 2005, the price was up to $4.17. That’s a gain of 236.29%!

— In November 2004, I paid $3.13 for Vasco Data Security International. By March 2005, the price was up to $7.33. That’s a gain of 134.29%!

— In February 2005, I paid $3.22 for DayStar Technologies. By March 2005, the price was up to $7.23. That’s a gain of 124.53%!

So while the NASDAQ is down about 8% for the year so far, I’m seeing 236.29% gains over the last 7 months with Altair… Vasco is good for 134.19% gains in just 4 months… and DayStar is up 124.53% in only 6 weeks! And it’s all happening right now!