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In March of this year, I recommended a stock called ACT Teleconferencing when it was $1.05 per share. It skyrocketed to $2.20 a share within two months— making my readers 110% profit!

Zarlink was another stock I recommended at the low price of $2.12. I believed the right management could have turned this company around. And it did! Zarlink moved to $4.95 very quickly and my readers made another killing.

134% profit on Zarlink to be exact!

There are dozens of these extraordinary, little-known stocks that can make you incredibly huge profits in just a few months.

You see…

The stock market sector that made me a millionaire… and that I still use to increase my wealth… is “micro-cap” stocks. These are little known stocks that usually sell around $1 per share.

Micro-caps are real stock of quality companies that sell real products and have millions of dollars in sales. They trade on the major markets, including the NYSE, AMEX and even the NASDAQ.

These are stocks just becoming out of favour with investors and analysts… And you know what they say: When nobody wants them, that’s the time to buy.

They are little-known stocks that can make you three times your money very fast.