Wall Street is dead wrong about our favorite wireless stock

NEWSFLASH: One of the Internet’s most-visited financial sites just downgraded this stock’s buy rating to “4” on a scale of 1 to 10. Two of Wall Street’s biggest brokerage firms just downgraded it from an aggressive buy to a market under- perform.

We think this is great news!

You see, Wall Street was dead wrong about this stock in the spring of 1999 when it was trading at only $3.84. We recommended it then and watched it soar to $74.00 a year later for a gain of 1,827%!

Wall Street was wrong about this stock a second time in the fall of 2002 when traders pushed it down to $4.35 a share. We re- bought it then and enjoyed another huge gain-this time 1,557% by June 2004.

And now Wall Street’s wrong a third time. This time it says this shooting star is spent, and the stock has fallen more than 10% from its recent high of $72.00!

But we think this company’s product ranks with the personal computer as a world-changing breakthrough.

Can you imagine how revolutionary the first typewriters must have been to the business and professional world? It’s easy to forget what life must have been like before typewriters… telephones… or fax machines… let alone computers… and cell phones.

Now, imagine an amazing, new, handheld wireless device, soon to be so ubiquitous, that one day children will be dumbstruck to discover there was life before it and wonder how in the world anyone ever got along without one.

Already, life without this revolutionary wireless device has become unimaginable for approximately one million savvy, productive men and women who never leave home without it!

Soon this amazing technology will eliminate the need for cash. You’ll merely point it at the vending machine, the check-out register, the subway turnstile, or the taxi meter… and it will pay and deduct the correct amount from your bank account. And if you lose your device, no one can raid your bank account because it responds only to your fingerprint!

Soon, using this amazing wireless device, you’ll be able to turn on/off or reprogram all the electrical devices in your home from anywhere in the world… turn the porch lights on or off… lower your home thermostat… even unlock your front door if your teenager calls to tell you he or she forgot the key.

This company has the hottest technology out there right now… and by far the best stock in the fastest growing sector. The company, which is really in its infancy, is already selling $300 million of its product each quarter and making a lot of money doing it!