Weekend Reads: Is Now the Time to Buy Gold?

Could oil prices hit $10.00? Is Venezuela on the verge of economic collapse? Why is George Soros bullish on Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:ABX)?

Good Saturday morning! It has been a hectic few days here at Profit Confidential. Pour yourself a cool cup of iced tea, settle into your favorite easy chair, and enjoy these top stories from the previous week.

U.S. Economic Collapse: Growth in Share Buybacks Killing Job Numbers

“We’re facing a slowing global economy, particularly in terms of limping demand. And buyback programs aren’t going to cut it. By giving EPS a temporary lift, share buybacks can soften the blow of poor financial performance or declining profits, but they can’t reverse things when a company is in trouble. The record high in terms of corporate buybacks is a sign of desperation, not growth.” Read More

Shocking: Gary Shilling Says “Get Ready for $10 Oil”

“Crashing energy prices have dramatically altered the landscape for the energy industry, leaving some industry stalwarts struggling to catch up. But according to the latest oil price forecast by one leading economist, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.” Read More

Economic Collapse: Venezuela’s Currency is So Worthless, People Are Using Money as Napkins

“Soaring inflation in Venezuela has left the country’s currency virtually worthless, leaving the troubled nation on the verge of economic collapse. But while economists try to describe the nation’s turmoil with facts and statistics, the story of Venezuela struggles were perhaps summed up best in a Reddit forum.” Read More

Stanley Druckenmiller Buys $300 Million in Gold; Should You Buy, Too?

“The tumbling gold prices in recent years have made the shiny metal look down and out. However, not everyone shares the bearish view. In fact, billionaire investor Stan Druckenmiller just bought millions of shares of a gold exchange traded fund (ETF).” Read More

Housing Market: Report Shows Homeownership Out of Reach for Millennials

“Soaring rents and stagnant wages have pushed the dream of homeownership out of reach for most Millennials, another signal of the country’s economic collapse since the 2008 financial crisis.” Read More

Donald Trump: Here’s What the Liberal Establishment is Missing

“Trump is a businessman and would run the country as if it were a business. And that’s why it pays to be a Washington outsider. As Americans, we idolize business leaders who have climbed to the top.” Read More

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Unpaid Internships, Yet Demands Her Interns Work for Free

“Following scandal over her involvement in the Benghazi attacks and recent uproar over her usage of personal servers for sensitive government e-mail correspondences, this latest PR snag by the former First Lady is yet another issue voters will be thinking about when considering her for presidential candidacy.” Read More

Stock Market: Smart Money’s Quiet Massive Exodus

“Two weeks ago, I wrote about how investors are exiting the stock market. That situation has now gotten worse. Investors, especially what is referred to as the “smart money,” are making a beeline for the stock market exit door.” Read More

Marc Faber: Beware the “Stealth” Stock Market Crash in 2016

“Renowned financial commentator Marc Faber suggests that U.S. stocks have entered a “stealth bear market,” indicating a stock market crash could be imminent.” Read More

Economic Collapse: Canada’s Real Estate Bubble Beginning to Burst

“More and more office towers in Calgary, Canada’s energy capital, are sitting empty, another sign the country is in the midst of an economic collapse and that the bubbly real estate market is beginning to burst.” Read More

George Soros Bought 1.9 Million Shares of Barrick Gold Corporation; Should You Buy, Too?

“Despite lackluster gold prices, billionaire investor George Soros is holding steady on his bet that the yellow metal will rise again.” Read More