What Makes a Small Company Grow

It really is exciting for me to follow small companies as they develop their businesses. As an investment analyst watching dozens and dozens of companies on a daily basis, it’s great to witness a company become successful.

Usually, everybody wins when a company is growing fast. Senior executives are obviously delighted, and employees and customers get to share in the enthusiasm surrounding a growing enterprise. Stockholders are often the last to hear the good news, but they can gain almost as much as the owners of the business can.

One small company I’ve been following for some time now just turned in another great quarter. This company is truly innovative, and it looks poised for solid success going forward.

The company is called Carmanah Technologies Corp. The company is Canadian, based in Victoria, British Columbia, and trades in Canadian dollars on the TSX Venture Exchange. This stock exchange is owned by the Toronto Stock Exchange, and it specializes in listing very small companies. I continue to find excellent wealth creating companies on this exchange.

Carmanah Technologies is an award-winning manufacturer of solar powered products and lighting. The company provides lighting for airport runways, industrial worksites, and marine applications. In addition, it provides energy efficient lighting solutions for bus shelters and street lighting, as well as solar power units for remote locations like oil and gas drilling rigs. Check out the company’s web site. Carmanah has developed some very interesting products.

The company recently completed a significant acquisition, it is reporting great financial results, and its order backlog is at record levels. The company is still very small by most standards, but it is exciting to watch it develop and grow. It is entrepreneurialism at its best.

It takes time for even the best managed companies to develop a successful business. Most small companies do not become large companies, which makes speculating in them very risky. But, when you get a winner, you really can make a lot of money. I don’t know how big Carmanah Technologies is going to grow, but, right now, I wouldn’t bet against it.