Why I’m Not a Feminist

An interesting piece of statistic released by Stats Canada pitted me even more against feminism, which is a peculiar position to be in, considering I am a woman. As it turned out, one third of Canadian women make more money than their husbands. It is still only a third, but, by all accounts, the group of women who are breadwinners (or as my husband likes to call them, “breadmakers”) is growing.

Just to put things in perspective, in 1967, about eleven percent of women earned more money than their significant others. About three decades later, that percentage went up to 29%. And still, in spite of more women hauling in more bacon than men, men’s bacon has more proverbial fat in it (surprise, surprise!). But, that’s not why I’m handing in my “feminist card.”

Statistics Canada also found that the two-thirds of dual-income families where men are primary breadwinners can buy more stuff because men still make more money. To illustrate, in 2003, where women were primary breadwinners, their household income averaged $74,000. In contrast, where men were primary breadwinners, the income averaged $86,000. This is hardly surprising, considering that women even in higher paying jobs still made less money, averaging about $68,000 in comparison to men, who made about $83,000.

Making matters worse, to reach even that earning level, women are typically a bit older than their male counterparts and more educated. In 2003, among women who were primary breadwinners, 30% had university degrees, in comparison to 21% of secondary female earners and 25% of primary male earners. Also, these women worked at full-time jobs, more hours per week, and had more years of experience.

You see why I’m fed up with feminists? Under the disguise of two very slippery phrases–equal opportunities and women’s rights–all that feminism has ever given women is that it has forced us to spend more time in school to get better education, spend more time at work trying to prove our worth, especially in male dominated professions, all the while we would make less money, and still rush home every day in time to make dinner and put on a sassy French maid’s outfit just to keep our husbands happy. Of course I’ve had it with feminism!