Why You Still Have Health Problems Even Though You Take Vitamins

You may know me as economist, stock picker and financial guru, but there are other things more important to me than money. And my health is one of them.

For years I took popular vitamins and really didn’t get any positive results. I still had health problems despite popping capsules every day. That all changed when I met Dr. Juan.

I take the right vitamins now… and they’ve helped me immensely. In fact, I’m down 30 pounds and have more energy today than I’ve ever had before.

I’ve asked Dr. Juan to share with you the good things he’s done for me. Go ahead, Doc.

Vitamins and supplements are wonderful, safe alternatives to prescription drugs … BUT …

.. for many people … they have no beneficial effects, or even worse … they can end up doing more harm than good!

Today, there are so many different brands of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements that most people simply buy the most popular or the most promoted.

The truth is … the quality, effectiveness and differences between them are huge! Plus, many times there is an even better alternative, of which you are not aware!

For example, if you take a garlic supplement for your high blood pressure, it could be that the brand next to yours on the shelf has been proven to be 100% more effective and also includes another ingredient to enhance the potency of the garlic. But you had no way of knowing this until now!

Or, maybe you take a magnesium supplement for migraine headaches. What you may not realize is that the concentration of many brands is three times what it should be and is actually doing damage to your kidneys!

Or, maybe you take a St. John’s Wort for mild depression. Do you know that this supplement can decrease the effectiveness of other medications such as Warfarin (blood thinner), Theophylline (for asthma) and Digoxin (for heart failure)?

These are real problems that most people don’t know about! And there’s much more in your FREE REPORT …

..What vitamin or supplement should you take for difficult health conditions or to prevent age-related diseases? (Knowing this could change and prolong your life!)

.. How do you select the best for you and your family from the dozens to choose from?

These and many more questions need to be answered by every person who takes vitamins and supplements in order to get the desired effect.

My name is David Juan, M.D. and I want to offer you a trusted solution to this problem. You see, part of my broad medical experience includes work as a vitamin D, calcium and antioxidant researcher. Every week, I get tons of articles on vitamin – or supplement – related research. It takes considerable time and medical experience to sort out the truth.

Misinformation is worse than no information. The good news is that now you can finally get the information you need about vitamins and supplements in The Vitamin Doctor newsletter. Each month, I review and evaluate the latest available research and then pass it on to you. I sort through the numerous clinical studies and pick out useful advice that is important and directly relevant to your health.