AAPL Stock: 20-Ounce Device Could Be a Game-Changer for Apple Inc.

apple stockApple Stock Set to Gain From New iDevice

Tim Cook is covertly and quietly working on something behind closed doors at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and it could very well change the fate of AAPL stock for good.

Apple has been getting badgered on the market since the beginning of 2015. Naysayers are predicting that Apple’s growth story is over, but they have only one reason to support this argument—a dearth of new products, or as they like to put it, a lack of innovation.

Bear with me as I quash this absolutely absurd argument with more on Apple’s next big project.

(And no, I’m not talking about the rumored “iCar”…)

Acquisitions & Hiring Indicating a Trend

Rewind back to the beginning of this year, when the biggest tech event was held in Vegas. Of all the new technologies introduced this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016), two particularly stood out that have almost become the holy grail of all major tech companies.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were the two most talked about technologies at CES 2016, as the two, together, are set to become a whopping $150-billion industry in the next four years.

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Techies are now going on and on about Facebook’s “Oculus Rift,” Alphabet’s “Cardboard” and “Google Glass,” Microsoft’s “HoloLens,” HTC’s “Vive,” Sony’s “Morpheus,” among a dozen other similar AR/VR wearables from a bunch of lesser-known companies. Yes, the virtual reality revolution is real and is taking place faster than we had expected.

But sadly, nobody is talking about Apple’s efforts. Yes, Apple is also quietly making a foray into this industry.

In case you missed it, Apple has made four recent acquisitions in the AR/VR industry, all of which point to one fact—a new “iDevice” is underway!

The acquisitions began roughly two years ago, when Apple first acquired 3D motion sensor company PrimeSense, which creates technology that can read and translate bodily motions. It’s the same technology that goes into Microsoft’s “Kinect” sensor. (Source: “Apple Confirms Acquisition of 3-D Sensor Startup PrimeSense,” AllThingsD, November 24, 2013.)

Then in May of 2015, Apple acquired an AR company, Metaio, which offers a technology that lets you point your handheld device to an object and tweak it with its features. (Source: “Apple reportedly acquires Metaio, an augmented reality startup,” The Verge, May 28, 2015.)

Later last year, Apple made its third acquisition, this time VR company Faceshift, which creates technology that read facial expressions and emotions and translates them into animations. (Source: “Apple Has Acquired Faceshift, Maker Of Motion Capture Tech Used In Star Wars,” TechCrunch, January 22, 2016.)

Supplementing this acquisition is Apple’s fourth acquisition, which was Emotient, another company that offers software with facial emotion recognition. Apple acquired this company just this month. (Source: “Apple buys Emotient, a company that uses AI to read emotions,” The Verge, January 7, 2016.)

The latest news this morning is that Apple has now also made a big hiring from the AR/VR industry. A top-notch researcher in the industry has been taken on board to take this secret business venture to the next level. (Source: “Apple hires leading virtual reality researcher,” Financial Times, January 22, 2016.)

Could it be that Apple, too, is aiming for the VR/AR headgear industry? At the very least, a patent filed in early 2015 supports that idea. (Source: “Apple Patents A VR Headset For iPhone,” TechCrunch, February 17, 2015.)

We know now that Apple has something new in the pipeline that will shortly silence the bears who have been going on and on like a broken record about the lack of new technology from AAPL stock and the commodization of its present technology.

The Bottom Line on AAPL Stock

Rest assured that something groundbreaking is about to come out of the Cupertino headquarters and it will forever shut the bears up.

Meanwhile, AAPL stock investors must stay put and not fall in with the herd that’s abandoning ship on unwarranted fears.