AMZN Stock:, Inc. Could Easily Hit $1,000 in 2017

AMZN StockDon’t Underestimate Amazon Stock (AMZN Stock)

Dear reader, you probably know that we’re big fans of, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). You can hardly blame us. In the time that we’ve been bullish on Amazon stock (AMZN stock), the share price has risen by triple-digits, meaning it could have made a lot of money for our readers.

However, there were plenty of analysts who believed AMZN stock was overrated.

As early as two years ago, critics believed that Amazon stock had reached a plateau in the high $200.00s. The company’s market capitalisation was over $100.0 million, which, to be fair, is usually when companies run out of steam.

They start making worthless acquisitions, overpaying their executives, and growing fat around the middle. In other words, their efficiency starts to dwindle once they enter the upper echelon of the stock market. We’ve seen this phenomenon in all types of sectors, from oil to consumer goods. But Amazon stock is a different kind of animal.


To understand why, you have to first acknowledge that Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, is like Steve Jobs on steroids. This guy is a fanatic for efficiency and growth. Time and time again, he leads Amazon into markets where there are 800-pound gorillas, and he eats their lunch.

The first time it happened was with book publishers. Amazon upended the industry with e-books and later with its “Kindle” device. Then came the online retail surge, during which Amazon took out major retailers one by one. Even Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) is suffering because of Amazon.

So it wasn’t difficult to imagine Bezos conquering other sectors, which is precisely what he did in recent years. Amazon threw the gauntlet at the feet of age-old IT firms by entering the cloud computing space. But guess what? Amazon’s cloud computing division is what drenched the company’s bottom line in black ink last year.

In fact, the sudden turn towards profitability is what helped propel Amazon stock 170% over the past 24 months.


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What’s more is that Amazon continued to expand at an astonishing rate, even while churning out more profits. Investors started tripping over themselves to get a piece of AMZN stock, which ultimately drove the share price through the roof.

As it turns out, growth plus profits is an enticing combination, even for the biggest AMZN stock bears. There are some who worry that Amazon stock has hit a ceiling now, but their fears are just as overblown as they were two years ago.

Jeff Bezos is currently making an assault on the video streaming market that is dominated by Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX). There is huge potential in this market, particularly because anyone who signs up for “Amazon Prime” also gets free shipping for their online purchases, access to a music streaming service, and the ability to borrow e-books. It is an all-access pass to

Statistics show that Amazon Prime members spend more money on the website, so getting new members is a double-whammy for the firm’s bottom line. Although no official numbers have been released, estimates suggest that 50 million households already have a Prime membership.

But that’s not all Bezos is working on. He also has Amazon leading the charge on the emerging “Internet of Things” market, which is basically a quest to connect household items to the internet. We estimate that all of these new tailwinds could collectively push AMZN stock above $1,000 per share in the next 18 months.

Beyond that timeframe, the sky is the limit for this one-of-a-kind stock.