Apple Price: Analysts Say the iPhone 8 Will Crush This Record

Apple Stock
Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Will the iPhone 8 Be Huge for Apple Price of Shares? 

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to ship 120 million to 150 million “iPhones” in the second half of next year, powered by the “iPhone 8,” shattering previous records and boosting Apple price shares, according to KGI Securities analysts.

The analysts believe that wireless charging will be a feature of both the high- and low-end iPhone models, making the “less-exciting” devices still appeal to consumers, the firm said. They also believe that this cross-model added feature will help all iterations of the iPhone 8 sell an “unprecedented” amount of units, which could be huge for the Apple price of its shares. (Source: “KGI: iPhone 8 to eclipse sales record set by iPhone 6, wireless charging on high-end and low-end models,” 9to5Mac, November 29, 2016.)

Beyond that, the screens are also set to be upgraded to OLED displays, and the iPhone 8 will potentially feature new cameras along with an upgraded CPU/GPU, said KGI. These screens are believed to wrap around the sides of the phone, and the “Home” button is set to be discarded.

This news comes on the back of the The Wall Street Journal writing that over 10 designs are being considered for the iPhone 8. Apple, it seems, is planning to make a huge impact with the 10th anniversary smartphone. (Source: “Apple iPhone With Curved Screen Could Come as Soon as Next Year,” The Wall Street Journal, November 28, 2016.)


As for the “iPhone 7,” Apple may be more focused on the 2017 iPhone 8 launch, when it will roll out a bevy of new features in what researchers at Credit Suisse called a “super-cycle” for the smartphone. Again, their eyes are set on jump-starting the Apple price of its shares. (Source: “Get Ready for the iPhone 8 ‘Super Cycle‘,” Fortune, June 15, 2016.)

Credit Suisse researchers anticipated a “muted” iPhone 7 launch this year, according to a note to investors earlier this year. The note claimed that the iPhone 7 would by no means blow people away with any particularly new or astounding features. More than likely it would simply be an updated “iPhone 6” with a slimmer design, additional storage, and dual cameras. Which is to say, nothing out of the ordinary.

Instead, the note echoed KGI projections that the iPhone 8 will really excite consumers.

With all this buzz around the iPhone 8, Apple is certainly gunning for a big impact when the smartphone hits shelves in a planned September 2017 release.