Android Wear: This Could Be the Next “Big Thing” for Google Stock

Android WearAndroid Wear Could Send Google Stock Surging

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), better known as Google, is going headfirst into the “Android Wear” business. Google has two Android watches ready to hit the market. Both of these smartwatches should be on a store shelf near you before the end of this year with “Google Assistant.” Google stock will benefit, as the company decides to offer its own Android Wear watches alongside the future “Nexus” smartwatch.

Google stock will draw advantages from Google, exercising greater control over its applications and services in the same way that Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) does with its “iOS 9.” The Google Android Wear watches could prompt a revolution that could transform both the Nexus smartwatches and its own branded products.

Smartwatches are selling increasingly more units. Recently, smartwatch sales surpassed Swiss watch sales, increasing a whopping 316% between the end of 2014 and 2015. This is a market in which Google must participate in a greater way than it is currently. Otherwise, GOOG stock will suffer in the long run. (Source: “It’s Official: Smartwatch Sales Have Exceeded Swiss Watch Sales,” Observer, February 22, 2016.)

Google could be taking the lead with two new Nexus watches. According to sources at Android Police, which knows about such things, Google has smartwatches ready to tell you the time. (Source: “Exclusive: These could be Google’s upcoming Android Wear smartwatches,” Android Police, July 11, 2016.)


After boosting the fortunes of Android smartphones, Google could possibly deliver its new smartwatches, branded as Nexus, after the announcement for the latest Nexus phones. (Source: Ibid.) One of these Android Wear watches will come fully loaded with tech features and mobile data capability, while the other will be an altogether simpler watch.

Both, however, will have interesting names based on a “fish” theme. The new Android Wear smartwatches will likely come to the market as the “Angelfish” and the “Swordfish.”

The Angelfish will be the one to feature GPS, LTE, and a heart rate monitor. Through the Angelfish, Google will have the chance to offer a standalone Android Wear device. This kind of practicality suggests Google’s smartwatch has a chance at much greater success than its rivals like Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL).

Unlike the “Apple Watch” and other smartwatches, Google has chosen to adopt an old-fashioned round design for its Android Wear, raising its aesthetic appeal. The Google Angelfish is the larger and sportier of the two watches at more than 43 mm. The Google Swordfish will likely have a smaller diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 10.6 mm–10.8 mm. The devices will also likely feature metal finishes to better compete with Apple’s smartwatches. The smaller of the two smartwatches, the Swordfish, will feature a more minimalist design, having a single button.

Having said that, there may be another stylistic factor impacting the different designs. The single-button, thinner, narrower Swordfish may be targeting female consumers. Too often Android Wear watches tend toward the excessively large, making them too large for the average woman’s wrist. As well, women may not find them aesthetically feminine enough.

Finally, the Android Wear watches will be compatible with “Wizard,” Google’s new virtual assistant with smarter pop-up alerts that was introduced last May.