Apple Inc: This Could Be a Big Deal for Apple Stock

Apple IncNew Products Could Boost Apple Stock

Mark your calendars! Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has just sent out the invites for its much-anticipated March event and it’s scheduled to be held on Monday, March 21 at Apple’s Cupertino HQ. The news could mean big things for Apple stock.

Tech web sites are abuzz with predictions on what Tim Cook will be unveiling next. We at Profit Confidential have our own list.

Three product launches seem highly probable now; two others are speculated. Let’s walk you through our list and see what these products might mean for AAPL stock.

Three Probable Products to Expect at Apple’s March Event

1. Smaller iPhone

It’s almost certain that a new iPhone is coming. But this time, Apple is scaling back on size. The actual name of the model will be revealed next Monday, but we are hearing two possible names in the rumors—“iPhone 5SE” or “iPhone 6c.”


This iPhone will be a major switch from the general industry trend. I agree that the ongoing smartphone wars have made us accustomed to bigger smartphone-tablet hybrids that we now call “phablets.” But at the same time, there are people like me who just want an easy-to-hold, traditional palm-sized phone.

Turns out, I’m not alone. The average American on the street also likes the first “iPhone” more than the last “iPhone 6s,” particularly for its smaller size. (Source: “First Look: Apple’s New iPhone 6S,” YouTube, September 11, 2016.)

For Apple fans like us, this phone could be it. The smaller iPhone will fill in the niche market that hasn’t upgraded to the bigger screens. As for those who continue to demand the bigger screen, Apple likely has the “iPhone 7” coming later this year.

In a nutshell, this is the biggest launch to look forward to at Apple’s March event. Holders of AAPL stock should rest assured that Apple may have found a way to tackle the iPhone’s “slowing sales” problem.

2. Smaller iPad

A smaller “iPad” is also likely to be showcased on the event. Rumored names are “iPad Air 3” or “iPad Pro 2.” This one, like its predecessor, could also come with a stylus. But unless it has some new groundbreaking technology, it will likely get lost in the hordes of iPads already out there.

The market for tablets is facing a broader decline. It has been no different for Apple. The company’s iPad segment has been losing sales. The average consumer must be given an exciting reason to upgrade to this smaller iPad.

Right now, I don’t see it becoming a game-changer for Apple stock.

3. New Apple Watch

The launch of another “Apple Watch” is also probable. Rumored to be named “Apple Watch 2,” the sequel will likely come with some added and improved hardware and software features.

This smartwatch will likely be a promising addition to Apple’s arsenal of products. Recall that the first Apple Watch found great traction in the wearables industry. Within six months of its launch, Apple became the second-biggest worldwide vendor of smartwatches.

The product was also a solid revenue driver for Apple’s “Other Products” segment, which posted the best double-digit growth in the latest quarter. The new watch will further deliver to the growing demand from the wearable technology enthusiasts.

This will be the other big unveiling to look out for.

Two Speculated Releases

In addition to the above three highly expected products, two other releases are speculated.

First off, we might see an update to the “iOS 9.2.1.” Apple has already previewed the iOS 9.3, but hasn’t yet released it. The March event might be the day when the older operating system gets replaced with this newer software.

Secondly, we might hear something about Apple’s venture into the virtual reality (VR) industry. Lately, Apple has made some very meaningful acquisitions in the industry. Last year, the company also filed for a patent for VR headgear. It might be a little too early to expect an actual VR product from the company, but Tim Cook might give away some intel on it.

And of course, we will definitely be hearing more about the company’s standoff with the FBI.

All in all, there’s a lot to look forward to at the Apple March event next Monday. If the new launches manage to impress, AAPL stock will likely see a quick pop.