Apple Stock: Patent Reveals Something Big is Going on at Apple Inc.

Apple StockIs this Apple Inc.’s Next Project?

The secret is out. Apple Inc.s (NASDAQ:AAPL) efforts to develop a car have just gotten bigger. But this has not moved Apple stock, at least not yet. Apple has long been rumored to be working on a car, but the latest leaks suggest it might be better to talk of an automotive project. This is because the Apple car might not be a car at all. It might be something altogether bigger.

AAPL stock is not yet reflecting the impact of a car because there are still too many questions. But the rumors are only going to intensify after a mysterious document turned up, showing not a car, but what looks like an all-terrain large vehicle. It has tracks, not wheels, so the Apple car could end up being an Apple tank. Clearly, this is important for Apple stock, but the implications could be greater than a car. (Source: Surprise! Apple Granted their First Vehicle Related Patent, PatentlyApple, August10, 2016.)

The document, dated August 9, is an actual patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It makes no qualms about the fact that it pertains to an articulated vehicle in two units and its steering mechanism. (Source: Ibid.) The goal of the patented mechanism is to improve reliability while driving. It seems that the articulated vehicle in question is designed to tackle adverse conditions, like snow or ice, using some kind of ventilation system.

Potentially a Huge Shift for Apple

Apple might be patenting the design to sell it to more dedicated vehicle manufacturers. Because, as much as Apple can boast about its creativity, it hardly has experience making trucks with trailers, military vehicles, trams and articulated buses, which is what the patent drawing suggests. Moreover, the details in the patent seem to focus mainly on the steering.

Although the patent was awarded to Apple, the inventors are in fact from BAE Systems, the Swedish company that deals with military vehicles. But, in the absence of any confirmation from Apple, PatentlyApple suggests taking conjecture with a grain of salt. It suggests that Apple’s noted “Project Titan,” the Apple car code name, is targeting Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) or Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG). Perhaps an odd snow grader or military armored personnel carrier (the “iShoot?”), it looks like it does not fit into the image that Apple wants to portray to its fans/customers.

For the record, Project Titan is once again being led by its former executive, Bob Mansfield. He is one of the lead people behind the “MacBook Air,” “iPad,” and “iMac.” But the nature of this project just became more mysterious. Certainly, it suggests Apple stock is still ready for major surprises—and bullish moves.

The Apple vehicle, or Project Titan, is possibly a game-changer for Apple Inc. It could mark a veritable revolution for the company, but it remains too elusive to clarify how it can add to Apple stock. With that said, consider these more concrete investment ideas based on our report, “Military’s ‘6th Branch’ to Create 22,000 Millionaires Again?Click here now to get the full story.