BBRY Stock: Forget Apple Inc.; Here’s Why I’m Bullish on BlackBerry Ltd

BlackBerry StockBBRY Stock Could Be Poised for Big Gains in 2016

Once the market leader in the mobile phones market, BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY) has long been on a downward spiral. Owners of BBRY stock have lost nearly all hope for the company as the BBRY stock has lost 90% of its market value over the last eight years. But while Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fanboys gawk over the latest piece of “iJunk,” I’m seeing hope at the end of the tunnel for BlackBerry. Here’s why I believe BBRY stock could still make a comeback and how.

What’s Next for BBRY Stock?

For starters, I have to admit that I may have fallen for BlackBerry’s latest phone, which is already sparking the next big debate between Google “Droidheads” and Apple fanboys. The latest phone, the BlackBerry Priv, has a nice, slick feel to it; is easy to hold; and is just the right size for my palm, neither too big nor too small. The greatest thing about this phone is how beautifully it brings together two opposing features: BlackBerry’s security and Google’s operating system. Who would have thought of having an Android phone with privacy better than the iOS?

Many might not find its slide-out keyboard to be attractive but I would, any day, take the dual option of a keyboard plus touchpad over the usual single option that comes with standard smartphones. I’m a writer and I use my phone for more than just social media. I like to read and write on the go and touchpad typing can be a real pain while traveling. I would gladly pick the Priv over any other smartphone, simply because it offers me the options of a QWERTY keyboard and a touchpad and it’s easy to carry it around.

Secondly, I’m wholeheartedly welcoming BlackBerry’s move to abandon its native operating system (OS), the QNX, to shift to Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android operating system. In terms of an OS, the Android market still outweighs the iOS market by a huge margin, boasting an 80% holding of the OS market.

Loyal BlackBerry stockholders want to know if the company can make a comeback. I say, “yes!” Now that the company has finally given up on QNX to switch to Android, a new avenue has opened up for the company. BlackBerry could utilize its association with Alphabet’s Android to start making hardware for Google. Google has been rolling out the Nexus lineup of phones and set-top boxes in partnership with LG and ASUS. The tech giant might happily agree to a partnership with BlackBerry should BBRY CEO, John Chen, seriously float the idea.

The BlackBerry CEO has already made it clear that the company will not give up on the phone business until it has exhausted its entire means. Chen has given an implicit deadline of 2017 to turn profitable. A partnership could help the company regain some lost ground earlier than the deadline.

Preorders for the Priv have already topped management’s expectations and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Android-based Priv becomes the catalyst for BlackBerry’s revival.

Bottom Line on BBRY Stock

If the company is able to connect with more interested buyers like me, BlackBerry may eventually be able to regain some of its lost glory. I’m certain the phone doesn’t impress the Apple fanboys, but it definitely has the Droidheads excited. The BlackBerry Priv may prove to be the game changer BBRY stock has been looking for.

Rest assured, the worst is likely over for BBRY stock.

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