BBRY Stock: Is BlackBerry Limited a $15 Stock in Disguise?

BBRY-StockPriv Device Could Be a Huge Catalyst for BBRY Stock

Once a leader in the mobile industry, BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY) has long lost its glory. However, one must pay respect to this company and its stock, which despite getting badly battered on the market, has still managed to stagger forward. Loyal BBRY stock investors have been waiting too long to see a rebound and I believe the good days are finally here.

BBRY stock bears had long written off BlackBerry’s hardware segment from its product portfolio. As it turns out, the market was wrong. BlackBerry CEO John Chen appeared on CNBC to confirm that the turnaround is already happening and BBRY stockholders might be able to see bottom-line numbers in the green as early as next year. (Source: “BlackBerry expects handset profitability next year,” CNBC, November 17, 2015.) One would be a fool to not see the very obvious. Not only did the company survive, it managed to pull itself together and has made a victorious comeback.

Hakuna Matata! BlackBerry Is back with a Bang!

The long-awaited, first-ever “Android”-based BB phone is finally here and it’s already receiving a better-than-expected reception. The BlackBerry “Priv” is a great product on so many levels. One, it’s strong on privacy, hence the name. Two, it’s powered by Alphabet Inc.’s Android operating system, a platform that holds 80% of the world’s market. Three, the Priv is reasonably priced compared to similar phones, making it an affordable alternative for many. Four, the device offers dual choice, including both a modern touchpad and a traditional QWERTY keyboard, which offers much faster typing capabilities for writers and business professionals sending plenty of e-mails. And five, it’s a phone that fits in my palm; it’s not a phablet list most huge 6-inch phones of these age are, making it much easier for users to carry it around.

The sad news is that those who are anxious to get their hands on the Priv, might have to wait until the end of this month. The good news for investors is that this is because the company is facing excess demand for the phone. Here’s what the company had to say in an e-mail to its customers: “Due to demand, there has been a delay in shipping PRIV smartphones to some customers who pre-ordered. We continue to deliver PRIV devices and expect all remaining pre-orders to arrive no later than November 24th.”

In addition to its hardware, the software segment also has promising potential for the company. The company already serves the government and private financial intuitions with its secured enterprise solutions and has a lot more untapped capacity to expand its scope in this sector.

The Bottom Line on BBRY Stock

At last, beaten-down, BlackBerry is witnessing the tides shift in its favor. The company’s latest phone has been receiving some very positive reviews and demand on pre-orders is also looking very decent. Something is finally working for the company and market sentiment on BBRY stock is also starting to drift towards the green zone. If the company continues to focus on expanding its hardware line, while forming alliances with giants like Alphabet, BlackBerry might soon be coming back from the dead.

The bottom line: BBRY stock is poised to make a solid rebound in the coming year.

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