Comcast Stock: This Has Comcast Corporation Scared Out of Its Mind

Comcast StockComcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) has a virtual monopoly in most markets, which has translated into a profitable formula for Comcast stock. But that might be about to change with Alphabet Inc (NASADAQ:GOOG) stock giving Comcast a run for its money.

Comcast is sending out mailers to residents, asking them not to “fall for the hype” of “Google Fiber.” In a Reddit forum, user “TheBen91” posted a picture of the mailer on Monday.

The post has generated more than 100 comments. Some are calling out Comcast’s outdated business model. Some are saying Google Fiber might not be easy enough to use for grandmas.

The card from the Google stock rival tries to explain why Comcast’s “XFINITY” is a better choice than Google Fiber. In particular, it claims that there are four things offered by XFINITY, but not by Google Fiber.


Source: Reddit

Just to be fair, on the last point, while Google Fiber doesn’t offer the tacky “X1” remote, users of “Google TV” can use “Android” devices as the remote.

XFINITY is Comcast’s triple-play service for bundled Internet, telephone, and TV services. The name “XFINITY stands for infinite content choices (the ‘infinity’) and cross-platform features (that’s the ‘X’).” (Source: “What is Comcast Xfinity?” TechnoBuffalo, February 22, 2010.)

Tech companies weren’t exactly known as a threat to the cable industry. But that started to change in 2011, when Google launched the beta version of Google Fiber in Palo Alto, California. Google Fiber is the company’s ultra-high-speed Internet and TV service. It can deliver Internet speeds of up to one gigabits per second.

Offering fiber Internet requires building a massive and complex infrastructure. But Google has made solid progress. Google Fiber is now available in three metro areas: Kansas City; Austin, Texas; and Provo, Utah. Next, the company will bring its Internet service to Los Angeles and Chicago.

One thing is for sure: Comcast is worried about Google’s entrance into the business.