This Billionaire Just Acquired a Lot of Curaleaf Stock; Is It Primed for Resurgence?

This Billionaire Just Scooped up a Lot of Curaleaf Stock; Is It Primed for Resurgence

Boris Jordan Goes Long on Curaleaf Stock

Billionaire investors aren’t always right, but there is a reason they’re billionaire investors; at some point, they made the correct decisions.

I’m no fan of getting hung up on someone’s past successes and projecting it as assured future victories (that’s a bad strategy in general when investing), but it’s worth taking note when billionaire investors make big moves.

Enter Boris Jordan and his big investment in Curaleaf Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CURLF, CNSX:CURA). Curaleaf stock has been the recipient of Jordan’s attention lately, and I think the billionaire investor is onto something.

Whether you know anything about Jordan, rest assured that CURLF stock is the real deal. It’s quickly becoming one of my top pot stocks and should definitely be on your radar.

First, there’s the obviously good news: Curaleaf operates in the United States. Canada stole headlines in the second half of the 2010s for its push toward marijuana legalization, but with that firmly in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead.

The next major event in the marijuana industry is likely going to be marijuana legalization in the U.S., and such an event will herald massive gains for the industry.

Curaleaf stock, therefore, is in a great position to profit. The company has operations in 12 U.S. states and it just launched another cannabis dispensary. (Source: “Curaleaf Opens Port Charlotte’s Largest Medical Cannabis Center,” Curaleaf Holdings Inc, September 3, 2019.)

The Port Charlotte, Florida location is the 49th dispensary that Curaleaf has opened in the U.S. and the 26th that the company has opened in Florida.

The combination of a very fast-growing marijuana penny stock and the most exciting and potentially explosive market in the legal cannabis industry is a potent one that investors ought not to overlook.

The thing is, when federal marijuana legalization comes to America, it’s going to cause a huge rush of investor interest in established pot stocks, a rush that could see some of the biggest stock gains in the entire decade.

That rush is well worth waiting for, and CURLF stock is in a very smart place to be until then.

The company’s wide reach across the country will make it extremely attractive when federal marijuana legalization comes to the United States.

In the meantime, the company is no slouch on the stock market, earning impressive returns for investors and promising a bright future.

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Curaleaf Holdings is already projecting $1.0 billion in sales during its next fiscal year, and that’s with the drug it sells still being illegal at the federal level. (Source: “Cannabis Canada: Will Curaleaf be the first pot company to report US$1B in sales?,” BNN Bloomberg, August 28, 2019.)

Imagine just how powerful that market will be once the legal impediment is removed for good.

If it follows through, Curaleaf will become the first company in the U.S. legal marijuana industry to post over $1.0 billion in sales.

Another benefit for Curaleaf stock is that investors are confident about the company. After all, despite the current downturn wreaking havoc on many pot stocks in the short term, CURLF stock has proven to be exceptionally resilient.

And of course, I’d be remiss not to mention that Curaleaf, despite not having the largest market share of marijuana stocks, currently operates in the largest legal marijuana markets in the world, namely California and several other high-population and rich states.

Remember that California is a bigger market than Canada when looking at gross domestic product (GDP) and population.

As such, Canada was an appetizer for the marijuana market and the main course is on its way. Sure, it may take longer than anticipated, but when it arrives, it will be piping hot.

Food metaphors aside, Curaleaf stock has everything you could really want in a marijuana stock right now. The combination of resilience during the current stock-market pullback, the high potential for gains, and a strong footing in the richest pot markets in the world right now make it a very attractive stock.

And that brings us full circle to Boris Jordan, the billionaire investor who recently purchased 100,000 voting shares of CURLF stock. (Source: “Boris Jordan Acquires Shares of Curaleaf Holdings, Inc,” Cision, October 7, 2019.)

The billionaire probably has access to a great deal more information than the average investor, but you don’t need to have a billionaire’s resources to see why he’s so excited about Curaleaf stock.

After all, I pretty much outlined all the reasons above. It’s plain as day to see why CURLF stock is enticing to bigwig investors.

It’s worth noting that Curaleaf stock has been pretty volatile as of late. Then again, so has the entire marijuana sector. As can be seen in the above chart, the stock has peaked and troughed several times over the summer.

So for investors, beware that the near term for CURLF stock is going to be rocky.

But in the long term—potentially years, but possibly just a matter of months—we could see this stock explode in price, making investors very happy for getting in during the downswing.

Again, this could be one of the best investments of the decade as the U.S. marijuana market begins to be legalized. Getting in early could pay off with huge gains for savvy investors, and that’s what I’d guess Jordan is banking on.

Analyst Take

Even in the worst of times, it’s hard to be truly down on the marijuana market. That’s because there’s still so much potential in this global billion-dollar market that we haven’t even begun to explore.

Sure, some will say that marijuana stocks have passed their prime, but that’s what many people said of tech stocks when the dotcom bubble burst in the early 2000s. They aren’t looking so wise now, are they?

The reality is that Curaleaf stock and other stocks like it will probably see big gains in the years to come, and investors should not sleep on them.