EnteroMedics Inc: Why ETRM Stock Just Surged 100%

etrm stockETRM Stock Goes Wild

EnteroMedics Inc (NASDAQ:ETRM) saw its stock climb by 106% on Thursday after the company’s treatment for obesity, metabolic diseases, and other gastrointestinal disorders was implanted at two additional institutes, creating a surge in ETRM stock.

Called “vBloc” neurometabolic therapy, EnteroMedics flagship treatment’s expansion announced on Thursday was a huge boon to the company.
This is some much-needed good news for the struggling ETRM stock. Share value has been in steady and steep decline since 2012, dropping from prices in the $4,000 range all the way down to its current price of $4.21. Thursday’s doubling of stock value is a nice change of pace for ETRM stock enthusiasts.

MedStar Health in Maryland and Roper St. Francis in South Carolina added the therapy to their institutions, according to the announcement.

The treatment works to control the sensations of hunger by using a pacemaker-like device that is implanted under the skin. Basically, the device simulates fullness in the patient so it can help them keep away from the fork. (Source: “EnteroMedics (ETRM) Climbs to Session High After Announcing vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy is Available at MedStar Health and Roper St. Francis,” StreetInsider, January 5, 2017.)

Here’s more on the treatment from the company’s press release:

vBloc Therapy is approved for use in helping with weight loss in people aged 18 years and older who are obese, with a BMI of 40 to 45 kg/m2, or a BMI of 35 to 39.9 kg/m2 with a related health condition such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or obstructive sleep apnea who have had a poor response to trying to lose weight under supervision in the last 5 years.


(Source: “Commercial Patient Data Confirms Success of EnteroMedics’ vBloc Therapy in Combination with vBloc Achieve Program in Patients Struggling to Lose Weight,” EnteroMedics Inc, December 15, 2016.)

Not only should we all be happy for ETRM stock, but I wouldn’t mind getting one of those babies put in me. I could use some help after the holiday feasting.