GLOB Stock: Soaring High on Digital Services

Globant Stock Offers the Best in Engineering and Design
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Globant Stock Offers the Best in Engineering and Design

As consumers, we have changed a lot. We have become quite tech-savvy, we have become very demanding, and we have become fickle.

This has made things difficult for companies.

Not only do they have to adapt to the disruption caused by technology but also find new ways to keep us connected with them.

Attracting customers and giving them a unique experience on their digital platform has become a big challenge for companies from different industries.


But there is one player that makes sure that companies are able to provide their customers with memorable digital experiences. Globant SA (NYSE:GLOB) builds and designs “digital journeys” that are unique and lasting.

Simply speaking, a digital journey is the sum of all interactions that a consumer has with a brand over a period of time. And there are ways and means of making this journey memorable and profitable. Globant is an expert at this.

The popular digital consultant boasts of Interbank, The Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO), American Express Company (NYSE:AXP), Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) and many more top-notch companies as its clients.

Globant helps such brands interact with their consumers in unique and diverse ways. This builds a strong emotional connect with the consumers. The company deploys emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the most cutting-edge practices to help strengthen the brand value of its clients.

And this is quite a lucrative market.

A forecast by International Data Corporation (IDC) says that the total market for digital strategy and agency services would cross $100.0 billion globally by 2021. (Source: “New IDC Forecast Shows Continued Market Growth for Digital Strategy Services,” IDC, June 28, 2017.)

Moreover, IDC also found in the survey that the vast majority of executives agree that consulting partners in the professional services market were not just important, but critical to their Digital Transformation success.

Globant has proved itself over and over again in this field. It has evolved as a digital consultancy and the results speak for themselves.

For the first quarter of 2018, revenues increased to a record $119.7 million, which was an impressive 34.9% growth over the quarter of last year. Moreover, the fiscal year 2018 revenues are expected to be in the range of $502.0-$510.0 million. This represents a 22.4% growth over the year.

Globant also launched its Cybersecurity Studio to provide its clients with cybersecurity experts and 24/7 digital platform monitoring services.

This move would further add to the growth of the company and boost Globant stock.

The growth in big data continues and companies are busy collecting data on their customers. But the repeated cyber attacks on their systems and hacking of customer data has proved that without proper cybersecurity measures in place, they are exposing themselves to great risks.

Globant has been providing cybersecurity services to its clients for many years and this recent launch formalizes its offerings.

The journey of Globant stock since its debut in July 2014 has been phenomenal. It has gained more than 350% since then and the stock continues to rise with the company’s growing popularity. For the last one year, GLOB stock has gone up by more than 30% as the following stock chart shows.

globant stock chart

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Analyst Take

The way we interact with our banks or other service providers on digital platforms, leaves a lot to be desired. Globant builds smart and new ways for companies to interact with their customers and fills this gap. Investors who want to play the digital trend, should not miss the opportunity in GLOB stock.