Google Stock: This Chart Shows Just How Powerful Android Is

Goog stockGoogle’s Android Continues to Dominate the Market

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is about to have a great beginning to the New Year. comScore just came out with its latest report on smartphone market share and it spells great news for owners of Google stock.

comScore’s latest report confirms Google’s growing dominance in the world of smartphones. The technology conglomerate is the only one on the list that has seen a growth in its mobile ecosystem during the last quarter of 2015. In fact, it continues to beat the top smartphone vendor, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).

According to comScore, 195.6 million Americans owned a smartphone by the end of the three-month reporting period, of which more than half had their phones running on Google’s “Android.” The Android operating system (OS) now holds more than 53% of the smartphone market share in the U.S. and is expanding each quarter. (Source: “comScore Reports November 2015 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share,” comScore, January 7, 2016.)

The biggest contribution to this share has come from Samsung phones, followed by LG and Motorola.


It is important to note here that BlackBerry—whose native OS has been losing share to “iOS”—has also made a switch to Android. BlackBerry’s new phone, the “Priv,” is BlackBerry’s first smartphone to be running on Android and another phone, currently in the making, is also rumored to be Android-based. This means BlackBerry will also be contributing to Google’s growing OS ecosystem going forward.

Share (%) of Smartphone Subscribers
Aug-2015 Nov-2015 Point Change
Android 51.7% 53.1% +1.4
Apple 44.1% 43.1% – 1.0
Microsoft 2.9% 2.8% – 0.1
BlackBerry 1.2% 1.0% – 0.2

Data courtesy of comScore

The good news for Alphabet doesn’t end there. The growth of its OS platform has lent greatly to Google’s deeper penetration into the U.S. market. Google’s applications boast a higher percentage reach with smartphone users than Apple apps. comScore reports that five of the top seven spots on the “Top 15 Apps” list are held by Google.

Top 15 Apps % Reach
1 Facebook 77.2%
2 YouTube (Google) 61.2%
3 Facebook Messenger 60.3%
4 Google Play 52.1%
5 Google Search 50.9%
6 Google Maps 48.4%
7 Gmail (Google) 44.8%
8 Pandora Radio 42.2%
9 Instagram 39.2%
10 Apple Music 31.7%
11 Amazon Mobile 29.9%
12 Yahoo Stocks 29.5%
13 Apple Maps 28.5%
14 Twitter 25.6%
15 Google Drive 25.3%

Data courtesy of comScore

Google’s growing dominance raises fears for its rivals, particularly Apple, which has been trying to beat Google’s dominating hold over the Internet space. Many have been predicting that Alphabet will manage to overtake Apple in valuation this year to become the most highly valued company in the U.S. The statistics are pointing in the same direction now and Google might end up hitting that target way earlier if Apple stock keeps crashing the way it is.

Meanwhile, this bodes well for Google shareholders who will continue to benefit from Google’s promising revenue and earnings growth in the coming quarters.