Green Thumb Industries Inc: Cannabis Company With Huge Cash Position & Aggressive Expansion Plans

Green Thumb Industries Inc

Green Thumb Industries Inc Triples Q4 and 2018 Revenue

Investors in Green Thumb Industries Inc (CNSX:GTII, OTCMKTS:GTBIF) have seen its share price advance 84.5% year-to-date and it continues to have great momentum. While the company does not hog the spotlight like the larger cannabis players, this may not always be the case in the future.

A national cannabis retailer and consumer packaged goods company, Green Thumb Industries has made huge strides since its reverse takeover (RTO) in June 2018.

Over the last 10 months, the Chicago-based company has expanded the infrastructure of its consumer products and retail businesses to 13 production facilities.

Thanks to the increase in the number of its stores, the growth of its branded products, and a broader acceptance of adult-use recreational marijuana across the U.S., Green Thumb Industries tripled its fourth-quarter revenue year-over-year and sequentially.


Green Thumb Industries Inc Overview

Green Thumb Industries cultivates, produces, and dispenses cannabis in the United States.

The vertically integrated company sells a number of branded cannabis products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. It also owns and operates a growing chain of national retail cannabis stores called Rise. (Source: “Overview,” Green Thumb Industries Inc, last accessed April 12, 2019.)

Recreational marijuana is not yet legal in the U.S. on a federal level, but the rapidly expanding national footprint of Green Thumb Industries Inc’s retail brand will help it take advantage of that eventuality.

As mentioned earlier, Green Thumb Industries currently operates 13 manufacturing facilities. The company also has licenses for 88 retail locations and operations in 12 states, including California, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

On the retail front, Green Thumb Industries entered Florida in January 2019, opening a Rise dispensary in Deerfield Beach, its 15th store nationwide.

During the second quarter, Green Thumb expects to open five new Rise stores in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Throughout 2019, the company expects to open 15 new stores.

The company has also been busy when it comes to business development. During and subsequent to the fourth quarter, Green Thumb Industries:

  • Entered the Ohio market, winning five retail licenses and a processing license, allowing it to produce and distribute in the state.
  • Closed its acquisition of KSGNF, LLC, which is licensed to operate a cultivation/processing facility and a maximum of 35 retail locations in Florida.
  • Signed a definitive agreement to acquire Las Vegas-based Integral Associates, which comes with three retail locations, as well as two additional cultivation and processing locations. It also scored eight additional retail licenses in Reno and Las Vegas.
  • Won the ability to open 12 new stores in Pennsylvania, which only awarded 23 new licenses after receiving 180 applications.
  • Entered New Jersey in December by winning a license to cultivate and manufacture consumer products and operate one retail store. Green Thumb Industries is only one of six applicants to be awarded a new state license.
  • Entered Connecticut through the acquisition of Advanced Grow Labs, one of four companies in the state licensed to grow and process cannabis. The February 2019 acquisition includes controlling interest in one retail store.
  • Entered California and Colorado in February 2019 through the acquisition of For Success Holding Company, the Los Angeles-based home of luxury lifestyle brand Beboe. Integral Associates also obtained a retail license in West Hollywood.

Green Thumb Stock

Green Thumb Stock Information
Market Cap $2.9 billion
52-Week High $25.03
52-Week Low $6.44
Shares Outstanding 145.1 million
Float 57.6 million
50-Day Moving Average $14.36
200-Day Moving Average $12.93

(Source: “Green Thumb Industries Inc. (GTBIF),” Yahoo! Finance, last accessed April 12, 2019.)

Green Thumb stock took off after its RTO in June 2018. Like most marijuana stocks though, Green Thumb Industries Inc’s share price took a hit in October. The sell-off had nothing to do with Green Thumb or the cannabis industry; it was a market-wide swoon, which got worse in December.

Since late December though, GTBIF stock has rebounded, up more than 84% year-to-date. Even though the stock has made big gains in 2019, it is still trading well under its pre-fourth-quarter sell-off high of $25.00.

At a time when analysts are calling into question the sky-high valuations of some of the biggest cannabis names, Green Thumb Industries—while still in its infancy—appears more aligned.

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Q4 Revenue Up 237%; 2018 Revenue Up 278%

On April 9, Green Thumb Industries announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2018.

Fourth-quarter revenue came in at $20.8 million, a 237% increase from the $6.1 million in the same period in the previous year and a 21% increase from the $17.2 million recorded in the third quarter. (Source: “Green Thumb Industries (GTI) Announces Full Year 2018 Revenue of $62.5 Million, 278% Year-Over-Year Growth,” Green Thumb Industries Inc., April 9, 2019.)

Green Thumb Industries reported a fourth-quarter net loss of $3.1 million ($0.02 per share), contrasted with a net loss of $2.4 million for the fourth quarter of 2017.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) was $4.8 million, compared to a loss of $2.0 million in the fourth quarter of 2017. Adjusted EBITDA was $12.4 million.

During the fourth quarter, Green Thumb Industries closed a bought deal financing transaction and raised $78.8 million.

The company also completed one other bought deal financing transaction in 2018. The total worth of the two deals was approximately $250.0 million.

Green Thumb Industries ended last year possessing cash and cash equivalents of $146.0 million and long-term liabilities worth $17.1 million.

The company has just $7.2 million in total debt.

Full-year 2018 revenue was $62.5 million, a 278% increase from the $16.5 million recorded in 2017. For full-year 2018, the net loss was $7.7 million, compared to $3.7 million in 2017.

Full-year EBITDA was $27.7 million, compared to an EBITDA loss of $3.0 million in 2017. Meanwhile, adjusted EBITDA came in at $21.5 million.

Analyst Take

Green Thumb Industries Inc had a strong 2018, with fourth-quarter and full-year revenue both advancing greatly. The company’s net loss increased, but that was the result of corporate growth, not of throwing good money at bad investments.

During the fourth quarter, Green Thumb Industries generated operating revenue in five markets. It also made capital investments related to the build-out of new markets in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and New York—all of which are expected to generate revenue in the first half of 2019.

Since the start of 2019, the company has been generating consumer product revenue in Nevada and retail revenue in Florida. As part of its aggressive expansion plans, Green Thumb Industries plans to open 88 stores within the next two years.

The company also plans to use its huge cash reserve for business development, which includes wholesale capacity expansion, strategic initiatives, and working capital.

In 2019, look for Green Thumb Industries to establish a leading brand portfolio, accelerate its retail growth, expand its infrastructure, and increase its profits.