HAS Stock: 1 Big Reason to Be Bullish on Hasbro, Inc.

Hasbro StockStar Wars Could Deliver Big Boost to HAS Stock

Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) can look forward to two big events, both happening around the same time, that should push HAS stock well beyond its current $75.00 plateau—the highest range in the stock’s history. Hasbro is the official manufacturer of Star Wars toys and the new installment of the movie franchise, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens officially opens in theatres across North America on December 18, just in time for Santa Claus to get a few themed gifts ahead of Christmas day.

The fact that the original actors and characters from the first iconic film of the Star Wars series, including Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, and even Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, will be in the newest major motion picture in the series could propel Hasbro stock to the stars as well.

Hasbro and Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise, after almost 40 years, has only gained in appeal, suggesting it is a true cultural reference for more than one generation even more than it is a successful series of movies.

The fascinating science-fiction franchise will make film history again on December 18, with the seventh film of the Star Wars saga, and the first episode of the Trilogy Sequel set 30 years after Return of the Jedi. Hasbro will be there to mark this return with its full collection of action figures, vehicles, masks, and light sabers.


The cultural significance of the Star Wars series means that even adult fans of the movies, of which there are tens of millions worldwide, will want to collect the action figures. Previous versions and collections of Hasbro’s Star Wars toys have become some of the most collectible and valuable toys ever. Thanks to its Star Wars toys, Hasbro has found a direct path to the wish lists of children, adults, movie fans, and collectors of all ages this holiday season. Investors, meanwhile, will be happy to add to their collection of Hasbro stock.

Hasbro has tapped into a gold mine with the Star Wars toys, appealing to children and adults. For the children, who will form the next generation of fans and Hasbro Star Wars toy collectors, the action figures will have great appeal. They are customizable and feature all the various characters, opening the path to greater imagination; indeed, whoever plays with Hasbro’s figures can give free rein to the imagination, combining the head of Boba Fett with the head and arms of Darth Vader as one potential example.

In addition, they are compatible with Hasbro’s other movie franchise lines, including the Marvel superheroes, so the options are endless, sending HAS stock, pardon the pun, to a galaxy far, far away—from other toy companies at least with no Millennium Falcon required.

Then there are the light sabers. Hasbro’s new light sabers come in a variety of models, all of which are set to hit sales records and create new ones. The basic sabers have electronic sound effects and light shows, while the modular and customizable ones come in 100 different versions. They’re a true object of desire for millions of fans scattered around the globe who cannot wait to own one.

Then there are the masks, costumes, and all the paraphernalia to transform the Star Wars fan into a Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren, or several other characters.

The Bottom Line on HAS Stock

Hasbro has even made a super-tech Darth Vader mask, which can change the voice of those who will be lucky enough to own one. Again, this should appeal to multiple markets, from children to Star Wars memorabilia collectors and many other markets in between. Indeed, the adult market is Hasbro’s secret weapon and the stock has not yet absorbed this factor.

A side note: Hasbro is also creating a robot cat, which meows and responds to cuddling, that is meant to be aimed to the elderly demographics to be sold as a companion pet.

With this innovative “pet” line and Star Wars, Hasbro is reaching across the entire universe of the toy market, which could boost HAS stock in 2016.

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