Hot Products for the Holidays

It is now crunch time — you only have a few more shopping days before Christmas to buy that ideal gift. If you are scrambling to find the perfect gift, I have prepared a list for you of what may be the most popular items found under Christmas trees this year. From an investor’s point of view, the companies making these products could see a surge in Christmas sales.

 To record memories of the holidays, digital cameras will continue to be hot items. Now, you might already have one, but the latest digital cameras are powered with camera chips up to 10.0 megapixels. The quality of these new cameras is astounding, and the video format is excellent, where the resolution was grainy in the past. Fuji makes a 10.0-megapixel camera, while Panasonic, Sony, Canon, and Olymbus make 8.0-megapixel cameras. And don’t forget the companies that make chips for cameras. These include SanDisk Corp. (NASDAQ/SNDK), Lexar Media Inc. (LEXR), OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ/OVTI), and Zoran Corp. (NASDAQ/ZRAN).

 For music lovers on the go, the iPod made by Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ/AAPL) will continue to be a hot item this Christmas. Don’t tell my wife, but she’ll even be finding one under the tree!

 In the communications area, cell phones and PDAs will continue to be very popular. Top sellers include phones from Motorola Inc. (NYSE/MOT) and Nokia Corp. (NYSE/NOK). The most popular phones seem to be getting smaller and thinner. The “RAZR” by Motorola, which comes in a variety of colors including hot pink, appears to be quite hot this season.

 Electronic video games will also continue to be hot items for kids or the young at heart. Major developers include Electronic Arts, Inc. (NASDAQ/ERTS) and Activision, Inc. (NASDAQ/ATVI). Major retailers include Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE/WMT) and GameStop Corp. (NYSE/GME).

 If you are looking for stocking stuffers like books, CDs and DVDs, Inc. (NASDAQ/AMZN) should do the job.

 And what if the gifts are not exchangeable? They could always sell them on eBay Inc. (NASDAQ/EBAY)!

 Have a safe and happy holidays!