MEDFF Stock: MedReleaf Stock May Deliver Unexpected Gains Post Big Branding Moves

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Why MEDFF Stock Is an Elite Marijuana Stock

Are you searching for “physical, mental, and emotional” and possibly financial enrichment? Then MedReleaf Corp’s (OTCMKTS:MEDFF, TSE:LEAF) new product launch might sweep you off your feet.

As we close in on Canada’s marijuana legalization day, this top medical marijuana company is leaving no stones unturned to secure a leading position in the multi-billion-dollar recreational marijuana market that’s in the making.

MedReleaf has just launched another recreational marijuana brand, even though recreational pot is not yet legal in its home country. Unlike the company’s previous brand launch less than two months ago, this new premium brand called “AltaVie” is targeted at the health-conscious consumer.

Basically, AltaVie will be selling energy-packed, flavored granola bars spiced with simulated cannabis flavor. The first product, “AltaVie Cannabis Crunch,” has already begun selling all across Canada. Bear in mind, it doesn’t actually contain any traces of weed.


A similar move was made by MedReleaf earlier this year when it partnered with brewer Amsterdam Brewing Co. to launch a marijuana-branded beer. Its first product, the “San Rafael ‘71 4:20 Pale Ale,” has already been rolled out at local stores. Again, it didn’t contain any weed.

So what is the point of releasing these products to the market if they don’t even contain MedReleaf’s prime product: marijuana?

I think the move is ingenious. Think about it: MedReleaf is wasting no time. It is two steps ahead of its peers. The company is already beginning to raise brand awareness for its recreational product lines, even before they hit the market.

When the marijuana-based products are actually rolled out, people may already be familiar with the brand names. Ask yourself, which product are you likely to pick up at a retail store? Obviously, one that you recognize, rather than one you’ve never seen before.

Also, take note that both brands target a different consumer niche in the market. So far, MedReleaf has only served the legal medical marijuana market, where it has likewise built excellent repute.

MedReleaf’s products are largely rated better than most of their peers. The company, one of the only ISO-certified and GMP-certified marijuana producers, earned the title of “Top Licensed Producer” at the recent 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards.

MedReleaf’s sui generis branding is what sets it apart from the other industry players and it is exactly what, I believe, will drive the LEAF stock price higher.

After attaining new highs through the December bull run, the stock has retraced its steps closer to the pre-bull market levels. It’s now trading at a bargain price and it certainly affords a second look.

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Analyst Take

I have always called LEAF stock the “iOS” of marijuana stocks. Premium branding helped Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) carve a special niche for itself in the smartphone industry. While most vendors fell prey to the onslaught of commoditization, Apple held out against it because of its strong brand appeal.

The marijuana industry is already commoditized. There isn’t much differentiation among weed products. Not taking into account the experienced potheads, average consumers are not expected to be able to tell the difference between strains at first look.

MedReleaf may be able to change that with its strong brand recognition, which is not only allowing the company to add more and more customers, but is also allowing it to sell its products at premium prices.

Mind you, premium sellers enjoy high margins, which trickle down to their bottom lines. Before long, this marijuana company may be turning a profit on its sales.

Needless to say, MEDFF is one top marijuana stock that may surprise investors with unexpected gains in 2018.