Microsoft Corporation: This Could be Huge for Microsoft Stock

Microsoft StockMicrosoft Develops VR-Capable Web Browser

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has provided decent returns for investors in 2016. Surely, Microsoft stock has done better in the past. But, at an almost six percent increase over the past six months, investors can’t complain. That said, Microsoft stock could achieve deeper gains, considering the number of product innovations that it has in store. One of the most interesting ones is in the realm of virtual reality (VR).

Microsoft will soon launch support for its web-based VR, called “WebVR.” Microsoft has launched a number of innovations in its “Windows 10.” These include support for the new “Microsoft Edge” browser. This is where those who are interested in Microsoft stock should look for investment potential. It will continue to enrich. The software giant is working on a management of WebVR.

The New Microsoft Edge Browser and VR

Microsoft has confirmed that work on WebVR has started. For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft has updated its “Internet Explorer” browser with a successor: Edge. It already has the potential to offer virtual reality content. Given the success of augmented-reality games, such as Pokémon Go that exploded last summer, this is a significant development for Microsoft.

Virtual reality is the next big step in the field of technology. It has already changed the world of gaming. But that’s not the only thing. Many players are investing in the development of VR in order not to miss the transition, and the Edge browser development team has a full mandate to adopt WebVR support. (Source: “Bringing WebVR to Microsoft Edge,” Microsoft Corporation, September 9, 2016.)


MSFT stock has not yet reflected this, but WebVR is a significant development. It’s the next frontier in web graphics, which allows developers to create a wide range of immersive experiences for a variety of devices. (Source: Ibid.) In other words, Microsoft had to start the VR project sooner rather than later. Indeed, the competition already offers VR-capable browsers, especially “Google Chrome” and “Mozilla Firefox.”

Microsoft, moreover, wants to improve WebVR technology, allowing for “interoperability” for developers and some partners, including Mozilla Foundation, Google (Alphabet Inc) (NASDAQ:GOOG), Oculus VR, LLC., and others. (Source: “Microsoft Working to Bring Virtual Reality in Windows 10 Browser,” Softpedia, September 10, 2016.) The term “interoperability” means a product’s ability to work with other existing or future products and systems, with unrestricted access or implementation. (Source: “Interoperability,” Wikipedia, last accessed September 12, 2016.)