Namaste Stock Forecast: Marijuana Tech Producer in Strong Position

 namaste technologies stock.

Namaste Technologies Stock

It’s sometimes easy to overlook all the different components of the marijuana industry. Of course there’s cannabis production and sales; those sectors are firmly on the public radar. But what about the ancillary products, like vaporizers and other marijuana paraphernalia? Companies that are in the business of producing those products also stand to see impressive growth as the industry matures.

And that brings us to Namaste Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:NXTTF, CNSX:N). Namaste Technologies stock is looking to capitalize on the marijuana tech market, and that may be a winning strategy. The company sells what it calls “cannabis delivery systems”… in other words, tools you use to smoke pot.

Jargon aside, Namaste claims to be the largest online retailer in the world when it comes to marijuana tool distribution. It sells vaporizers and smoking accessories and currently has 24 sites working in 20 countries and distribution centers around the world, including in Europe and Australia, two burgeoning marijuana markets. (Source: “Namaste Announces February 2018 Sales of C$1.37M Representing a 146% Year-Over-Year Increase and Provides Update on NamasteMD,” Nasdaq, March 7, 2018.)

Namaste is also looking to expand into the medical marijuana game, having purchased Cannmart Inc. with the intent of beginning to sell medical cannabis through its online channels.


With the basics out of the way, let’s cover the news and why Namaste Technologies stock may be in for a healthy dose of growth in the near future.

The stock price is down several percentage points as of this writing, but overall it is up about 12% since last week.

The company announced on March 7 that its net revenue for February was CA$1,370,442, which amounts to a whopping 146% increase over February 2017. (Source: Ibid.)

Namaste also stated that February is typically a slower month for sales, so this batch of positive numbers was especially welcome.

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The company also performed a soft launch of its app, “NamasteMD.”

“With the Cannmart license pending approval, we are very encouraged to see our hardware business growing, which should have a direct impact on our ability to expand our e-commerce platform to include the sale of cannabis products and shift our focus on aggressive acquisition of patients via NamasteMD,” said Sean Dollinger, President and CEO of Namaste.

Dollinger added, “Our ability to provide patients with an all-inclusive e-commerce marketplace of cannabis products and services in the near term should serve to significantly increase our market share moving forward.”

Namaste Technologies Stock Forecast

With its announcement of very positive growth in February, alongside its expansion into the medical marijuana market, Namaste Technologies could be in a very good position to see strong growth. If the company is able to quickly establish itself as a player in the medical marijuana field, expect to see Namaste Technologies stock jump as a result.

Furthermore, Namaste has ties to one of the stronger players in the legal marijuana market right now: Aurora Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:ACBFF, TSE:ACB).

Namaste Technologies struck a partnership with Aurora Cannabis so that the second-largest company in the marijuana industry by market cap exclusively receives its vaporizers from Namaste. (Source: “Aurora Cannabis and Namaste Technologies Announce Start of Vaporizer Sales through Aurora Website,” Cision, November 7, 2018.)

“We’re offering our clients new options and a broader range of products, in response to customer demand,” said Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora. “Our collaboration with Namaste, the technology leader in this segment, ensures our patients receive the best possible customer experience, in line with the Aurora Standard.”

Booth further said, “Going forward, we look to further enhance the offering with Namaste, positioning us for the increasing demand we anticipate both from the rapidly-growing medical market and, once legalized, the consumer market.”

Tying yourself to the Aurora mast is not a bad move, with ACB stock being one of the strongest performers in recent months and a stock that I am quite bullish on.

Analyst Take

Namaste Technologies stock is down by nearly 40% following the massive correction that the marijuana industry experienced over the last month. While that may scare some investors, it’s worth noting that, over the past three months, the company is still up nearly 100%.

For those interested in getting involved with Namaste Technologies, right now might be the perfect time to strike.

With the marijuana slump seemingly in its death throes, many companies that took severe hits in February are likely going to rebound, with investors being interested while prices are low.

Whether Namaste Technologies stock will be one of the stronger beneficiaries of this rebound, I ultimately believe that there is value in the company.

Between its niche as a marijuana paraphernalia provider, along with its interest in expanding into the medical marijuana game, the future looks bright for Namaste Technologies.