NFLX Stock: 7 Reasons Netflix, Inc. Is Unbeatable

2. House of Cards

Don’t mess with Frank Underwood. That’s the lesson (and reference) most of us learned by watching House of Cards, the first original series Netflix ever released. The show stars Kevin Spacey as the ruthless politician Frank Underwood, who is willing to do anything to gain political power. The show is followed obsessively by millions of people, myself included. Three seasons are currently available via Netflix. Personally, I would never cancel my Netflix subscription if it meant I would have to stop watching House of Cards.

3. Orange Is New Black

A lot of people claim that Orange Is the New Black is the best-written show on TV and you know what? They may be right. It’s another Netflix original series that was an instant hit. So long as Netflix continues to crank out seasons of OITNB, there’s no limit to NFLX stock.

4. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This show was originally pitched to NBC, but the network passed. It’s a sitcom with a dark twist and that’s usually outside the wheelhouse of traditional networks. Luckily for content creators, Netflix is willing to fund all types of shows.

The way networks schedule their programming means they are trying to draw the broadest swath of people. In effect, that process forces them to shy away from shows that are a little risqué, but Netflix doesn’t have that problem. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is another original series that’s putting Netflix ahead of its rivals.