PlayStation VR: 5 Things You Need to Know About Sony Corp’s PlayStation VR

PlayStation VRPlayStation VR Could Be a Game Changer for Sony Corp

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) has moved up by about 20%. Sony stock could continue to climb, too, given the company’s new “PlayStation VR” console that could represent a literal game changer for the company and the gaming industry.

The PlayStation VR (PSVR) had been all but given up for dead before Sony has work on its “Morpheus” virtual reality platform, which the company first mentioned at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show.

Here are five reasons why the PlayStation VR could revolutionize the virtual reality (VR) sector and the future of gaming itself (note that the PlayStation VR works directly with the “PlayStation 4”):

1. PlayStation VR Could Undercut the Oculus Rift

The new PlayStation VR comes at a decidedly interesting price. The PSVR competes with alternative VR offerings, such as the “Oculus Rift” from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and HTC’s “Vive.” These VR headsets cost about double the price of the PSVR—and that’s on top of any hardware users may need to allow these devices to work. For those Sony users who already own a PlayStation system (more than 40 million users worldwide for the PS4), the PSVR is a steal at a promised below-$400.00 entry price. To ease familiarity with the PlayStation VR, users can get Batman: Arkham VR for $19.99. (Source: “Batman: Arkham VR For PlayStation VR Has A Bargain Price,” Attack of the Fanboy, July 9, 2016.)


2. PlayStation VR’s Price Might Be Misleading

Note that while users can buy a PSVR at an approximate price of $400.00, there are some necessary “options” needed to get the full experience. Users will have to buy a “PlayStation Camera” for about $50.00 on (Source: Ibid.)

Sony said it would offer a bundle upon release that would include the console for a cool $500.00. This package is a bargain considering the fact it comes complete with everything you need to get started in VR. (Source: “PlayStation VR: Everything we know so far,” Yahoo! Tech, July 10, 2016.)

3. PlayStation VR Is Going to Have a Lot of Games

Sony is counting on its PlayStation products—especially the PlayStation VR—to re-launch the company in a big way. This is good news for the dedicated gamer because beginning at the VR headset’s release, Sony plans to launch 50 VR-ready games before the end of 2016. The games will feature spin-offs of popular sagas from Star Wars (Battlefront: X-Wing Mission VR) to Batman (Batman: Arkham VR) to Resident Evil (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard). (Source: Ibid.)

4. PlayStation VR Will Be “Clunky”

The PlayStation VR is an attractive piece of kit. Sony would have you believe it’s as light as a feather, making it easier and comfier to use. However, those who have tested it say that while “cool,” it occupies enough space to deserve the label of “clunky.” (Source: Ibid.)

The VR features a 5.7-inch OLED display. Processing the 3D signals is a small box that ensures players can detect the direction from which audio cues are coming.

5. PlayStation VR Will Support the Popular DualShock 4 Controllers

Given some confusion with the packaging for the European models, some users thought that Sony betrayed its promise that the PSVR would not support “DualShock 4” controllers. It turns out that Sony has honored it promise, though; the company issued a statement to this effect.

Sony plans to release the PlayStation VR on October 13, 2016. The package comes with the headset and all the related hardware and cables to link up the headset to the PS4 and the DualShock 4 controllers. There are additional items, each sold separately, which include the motion-tracking controllers and the PlayStation Camera. These are essentially must-have “options.” (Source: “PlayStation VR: $399, October 13, and it looks pretty good to us,” CNET, June 13, 2016.)