Tesla Motors Inc: Is the Tesla Model X Worth It?

tesla model xIs the Model X a Bad Car? 

Consumer Reports has delivered a less-than-stellar review of Tesla Motors Inc’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) “Model X,” despite Tesla stock registering its first consistent uptick in several weeks.

The Consumer Reports review had several sticking points against the Model X, most notably the value for the $100,000-plus price tag. The article mentioned that the car’s ride is too choppy and firm, despite otherwise handling rather smoothly. (Source: “2016 Tesla Model X Review: Fast and Flawed,” Consumer Reports, November 23, 2016.)

Other positives for the car included the interior, the acceleration and speed, the gadgets, and, of course, the low energy cost.

The review called the Model X a “fast and flawed” vehicle that was “More showboat than functional,” and “has plenty of high-tech gimmicks but forgets about the ‘U’ in SUV.” [Source: Ibid.]


Despite the negative review, Tesla stock registered its first weekly gain after four straight losses and the best rise since the middle of September. Tesla stock was up about six percent since the beginning of the week. (Source: “Tesla’s Model X is ‘fast and flawed ‘ Consumer Report says’,” MarketWatch, November 25, 2016.)

This marks the end of an otherwise interesting week for Tesla. Between the Model X review, Tesla’s green tech threatening the market for gas, trolls attacking Elon Musk, a potential 74-point swing in Tesla stock, and solar panels powering entire islands, it certainly has not been a quiet week for the tech company. Though when is it ever?

As Tesla looks to gain more and more of a foothold in the car market, it’ll have to address some of these issues, should they arise in its consumer-friendly “Model 3,” set for a 2017 release. That, along with hitting its production schedules, could leave a huge mark on Tesla’s success in the future.