Tesla Stock: 5 Things About the Model X from Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Tesla Stock5 Tesla Model X Features Contributing to the Tesla Mystique

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has become a full-fledged car manufacturer. Tesla stock may be volatile these days, but the speed with which the company has emerged is remarkable. Few businesses are as capital intensive as automobile manufacturing. Tesla Motors, electric or not, has certainly defied and beaten the odds, stacked against newcomers to its field. Just look at the Model X to see how far Tesla has come.

Tesla stock is comparable to General Motors Corporation (NYSE:GM) or Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) stock in market cap. Nothing too remarkable about that, except when you think about how long the two Detroit-based companies have been around compared to Tesla Motors. The difference in age is about 90–100 years. Tesla has become such a complete car manufacturer that it even has an SUV, the “Model X,” in its lineup.

The Model X is the first fully electric-powered SUV. This is no elusive car show concept. The Model X is an SUV you can actually buy and drive now. You may even already have seen a Model X on a highway or downtown street, but what, other than that it’s electric-powered, do you know about this remarkable vehicle? Here are five fascinating things about the Model X, which explain its appeal.

  1. The Tesla Model X, while an SUV, has preserved the Tesla family feeling.

It has an unmistakable resemblance to Tesla’s successful “Model S” sedan, the vehicle that to many Tesla investors embodies the very concept of “Tesla.” The Model X is understandably not as sleek as a Model S, since it is an SUV. But the aesthetics and family feeling are a convenient lead-in to what is one of the most characteristic elements of the Model X…


  1. The Tesla Model X has falcon doors.

While the Model X may share design elements with the Model S sedan, the car’s falcon doors feature has likely contributed to drawing in many more customers—and Tesla stock investors—than expected. A show-stopping feature to many, the Model X’s doors don’t open in the compass system like 99.9% of cars on the road. To open them, you have to lift them. They are, in fact, hinged to the center of the roof and move like those of a Mercedes “SLS.”

But, don’t call them “gullwing” doors, as Mercedes does for its SLS. Tesla has looked to a more aggressive bird for inspiration in naming this feature. They are known as “falcon doors”—making them the only car doors named after a bird of prey. Tesla says the falcon doors are not just for looks, but for function, too. In cramped parking spaces, they allow easy access to the third row of seats.

  1. The Model X seats seven people.

Yep, because the Model X is an SUV without a big V8 under the hood and all its associated systems, there’s plenty of space left for passengers. The batteries sit on the floor and the electric motors take up minimal room. Thus, the California-made SUV can easily accommodate up to seven adults—and their bags also have room. They can be placed upfront, where you’d normally find an engine, and in the traditional trunk area at the back. If you’re bringing the whole family out for a picnic and using up all seven seats, though, that will leave little room in the rear trunk, so better make it a diet picnic.

  1. The Tesla Model X comes with panoramic view.

The Model X’s interior is modeled directly from the Model S. The most notable feature of the Model X’s living room is its large 17-inch display in the middle of the dashboard, though passengers will likely pay more attention to the huge panoramic windscreen over their heads. Some French companies have offered this feature—even Ferrari has something similar. Overall, it leaves a favorable impression and makes for a special experience.

  1. The Tesla Model X might be an SUV, but its shape and size hide a sports car underneath.

The Model X can go from zero to 60 mph in just over three seconds. Should you happen to be driving this car on a German highway (the famed “autobahn”), you can sample what it’s like to travel at 155 mph in electric silence and creamy-smooth torque. Electric power has a much more direct way of converting into acceleration than anything with internal combustion power, making the Model X a very fast car.

As a bonus, there’s a sixth point to note: the Tesla “Model XD” claims a range of some 300 miles, depending on how much of that performance the driver decides to exploit.

Image Source: Flickr; Image copyright 2015, Steve Jurvetson