TWTR Stock: Jack Dorsey Is Working on Something Big at Twitter, Inc.

TWTR StockThis Could Be a Big Deal for TWTR Stock

Twitter, Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) is having a rough time in 2016, as TWTR stock keeps hitting new lows in an effort to find a bottom. But there’s one thing that makes me optimistic that Twitter stock might soon bounce back.

Those who’ve been paying attention must have noticed something interesting brewing up in the online services industry—a shift toward technology. No, not software technology. I’m particularly talking about the growing interest of big Internet companies in hardware technology.

This transition became inevitable, as Internet companies saw more value in personally owning the hardware that complemented their online service, thus eventually creating their individual ecosystems, instead of competing in one big space where hardware companies defined a limit to their services.

This shift has blurred the lines between Internet services companies and technology companies. What have emerged are a bunch of giant conglomerates that are no longer defined in terms of their traditional businesses.


Take, for instance, Facebook,, and Google—the three fastest-growing companies and stocks of this decade. All three have moved from their core business of online services to technology hardware.

Twitter may be a little late, but good news is that it’s finally here and the party is just starting. So what if rival Facebook has come out with virtual reality headgear? Twitter has a tweet-piloted, virtual reality, live-streaming flying machine on its way.

At least, that’s what the patent filed by Twitter in summer of 2015 and made public in December shows.

This latest patent, filed by the company, is for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Simply put, a Twitter drone!

Now you might be scratching your head as to why a microblogging web site would venture into something that appears completely irrelevant to its core business. Think again! This product could complement Twitter’s business manifold.

Twitter to Benefit Greatly from This Technology

The patent suggests that the drone could be controlled via messages or Tweets, but there’s more! It may also include a microphone and a display screen, which means the users might be able to use it for telepresence—alternatively put, virtual reality. (Source: “Are Tweeting Drones On The Way? Twitter Patent Tips Off Potential Future Of Selfies,” TechCrunch, December 21, 2015.)

Furthermore, Twitter’s acquisition Periscope will benefit greatly. Periscope users will have the option to stream their videos live from their drones—a revolutionary technology not yet offered by any platform.

Likewise, photo and video sharing to Twitter’s namesake platform and its other service, Vine, will also be possible in a snap of the fingers.

And how can we forget the selfie-mania that has taken over the online world? Twitter’s drone could introduce a new phenomenon to this mania—drone selfies, or “dronies,” as they are calling it. Basically, users will no longer need a stick for their selfies, as your Twitter-copter will fly up there to capture a wide-angled selfie of you, your friends, and everything else in the background.

The Bottom Line for Twitter Stock

Twitter skipper, Jack Dorsey, has been under a lot of pressure ever since taking over the helm of affairs at the company. But owners of TWTR stock must appreciate that he is doing everything in his capacity to turn around the company.

Dorsey has made some significant changes to the platform in the last three months, including introducing a new algorithm for the news feed, lifting the 140-character limit, introducing video advertising through “Promoted Moments,” and monetizing logged-out users through “Promoted Tweets”—all of this, while he is also taking the company down the lucrative hardware technology lane.

I’m more than optimistic that as these moves gradually start to pay off, TWTR stock should be able to find its way back up to its early-2015 highs.