3 Top Penny Stocks Under $5: COWN, AMRN, GEN

3 Top Penny StocksPenny stocks are not expensive and could merit a considerable profit. But keep in mind; there could be a significant downside as well.

Not all penny stocks reward investors. Most penny stocks suffer from poor management, high cost operations, massive debt levels and generally no bright outlook.

However, there are some quality businesses if you know where to look. These companies have solid fundamentals and remarkable long-term growth. Investors may want to keep an eye on these stocks. With that in mind, here are our top penny stocks for 2015.

Cowen Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:COWN)

Cowen Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:COWN) is a very well diversified financial institution based in New York. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides investment management, research, and comprehensive investment banking services.


With a team of experts from various industries, the company provides in-depth research for healthcare, technology, media and telecommunications, consumers, energy, metals and mining, aerospace and defense, transportation, and real estate.

Currently trading close to $6.00, the stock price has gained more than 16% this year. The company has a $1.87 earnings per share (EPS), which is significantly higher than the industry’s average of 18 cents per share.

Amarin Corporation PLC (NASDAQ:AMRN)

Amarin Corporation PLC (NASDAQ:AMRN) is a biopharmaceutical firm that develops and commercializes treatments for cardiovascular diseases in the United States. The company has a market cap of nearly $361 million.

Amarin has managed to increase its revenues. According to the company’s financial report, the sales increased by 100% in 2014, which caught investors’ attention.

The company’s stock has climbed more than 100% this year from roughly $1.00 to $2.04. With that said; in the short term, it might be a pullback due to profit-taking. But over the long term, this company may have potential to reward its shareholders substantially.

Genesis HealthCare Inc. (NYSE:GEN)

Genesis HealthCare Inc. (NYSE:GEN) focuses on providing post-acute-care services through a network of nursing centers and senior-living communities in the U.S. The company has three business segments; long-term care services, therapy services, and hospice and home services

In mid-June, the company announced its intention to buy 24 skilled nursing houses. Following the news, stocks jumped up significantly. The new facilities are expected to generate a remarkable amount of sales.

During the second quarter, revenue growth was negatively impacted by $9.0 million due to divestiture of three facilities and $7.6 million due to the loss of therapy contracts.

Although the stocks are trading below their 50 and 200-day moving averages, fundamentals suggest that the good days for this company may be yet to come.